Bismarck Nonprofit Making Big Investment in Historic River Culture

News: Bismarck Nonprofit Making Big Investment in Historic River Culture   source: Bismarck Tribune  

A Bismarck Nonprofit is on the way to adding a new historic attraction to the Captial city. The foundation has reached their fundraising goal of $750k which means construction will begin this spring on a new museum, ticket office, and cafe for the Lewis and Clark Riverboat. The replica structure will have the appearance of a late 1800’s railway river warehouse.

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Watch: Incredible and Terrifying Nature on the Galapagos Islands

News, O.T.I.: Watch: Incredible and Terrifying Nature on the Galapagos Islands

What you’re about to watch may be the most incredible thing you’ll see on the Internet this year. It’s teaser footage from the BBC’s Planet Earth II filmed on the Galapagos Islands. But be careful, it may be difficult to watch if you have a strong fear of snakes, and if you’re watching at the office or in mixed company, be prepared — you may instinctively start yelling “run”. And […]

News: Hettinger: New self-guided driving tour explores last great buffalo hunts   source: Bismarck Tribune  

Francis Berg has been documenting the Hettinger’s history for decades, but recently she compiled the era of the last great buffalo hunts into a self-guided driving tour designed to pull people off the Interstate and invite them to explore the areas unique history. Is there an idea for Minot somewhere inside of this story?

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News: Group looks for northeast North Dakota’s best tourist attractions   source: Grand Forks Herald  

A group in the NE Region of the state has organized to figure out how to better attract tourists to the region. The example they’re using — Medora. The hope is they might be able to repeat that model, and they’re starting by gathering feedback and data.

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Learn: A cure for politics? Minnesota’s Boundary Waters   source: New York Times  

This election cycle got you down? Maybe you just need an escape. A New York Times travel writer got away from it all to Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area and wrote an impressive how to do it yourself guide as well. If you’re looking for an adventure yet this fall or next summer, check it out.

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11 North Dakota Attractions You Can Visit for Free

News: 11 North Dakota Attractions You Can Visit for Free   source: Ghosts of North Dakota  

North Dakota requires you off the beaten path to find the hidden gems. Troy Larson has been taking pictures of the prairie for years, and this article features a few of the natural wonders and historic landmarks you can see for free.

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News: North Dakota Tourism doubles down on star power   source: Bismarck Tribune  

Actor Josh Duhamel is now the face of North Dakota tourism. A brief ad spot featuring Duhamel in 2014 led to a spike in web traffic, so this year the Tourism Department bet big on new commercials and a broader ad reach.

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News: Hjemkomst crewmates tell of new voyage across Atlantic   source: InForum  

In 1982, a few adventure seeking Minnesota men built a replica viking ship and sailed it from Duluth to Oslo, Norway. More recently, a few crewmembers of that original voyage recently repeated the trip in reverse on a more modern sailboat. The Fargo Forum has the story.

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News: €’Naked’€™ Saskatchewan Trekkers Blamed for Malaysian Earthquake   source: Regina Leader Post  

Know the laws of the country you’re visiting before you go. For two Saskatchewan travelers, the learning curve is steep; they’re blamed with angering a mountain spirit and causing an earthquake because of a picture taken atop the mountain. They were not naked by our standards.

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