News: Scientific American Labels Precision Farming as a Technology to Watch   source: Scientific American  

We all gotta eat, the world’s population keeps on growing. And we don’t seem to be growing a lot of new land, so we’re going to have to feed the growing population with the food production areas already in use. And toward that end, precision farming is a concept that has a high ceiling. Companies that can deliver higher efficiency and yields through technology are thought to have […]

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News: How Sweden is pushing toward the seemingly impossible goal of zero emissions   source: Quartz  

Our distant Scandinavian relatives have built themselves some pretty sustainable energy infrastructure, just 5% of Sweden’s energy comes from fossil fuels. But they’ve set an even higher goal — be 100% sustainable by 2045. And the problems they have to solve in order to get there and the manner in which they’re attempting to solve them is fascinating.

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News: Local angel fund from Dakotas gets farm-tech app   source: Bismarck Tribune  

A North Dakota farm technology company that’s developed an app that streamlines contracts between farmers and local elevators has gotten a financial boost from a South Dakota-based angel fund. Myrian\d Mobile the app developer out of Fargo; The Falls Angel Fund out of Sioux Falls liked Myriad’s prospects and chose to invest $1.35 million to get them off and running. It’s a noteworthy here in Minot as we […]

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News: Africa is now the world’s testing ground for commercial drones   source: Quartz  

North Dakota likes to think of itself as a leader in UAS investment. And in the U.S., we are. But on a global scale, strict U.S. regulations are dampening the industries ability to advance at the pace dictated by commercial demands and technical ability. In Africa, regulatory burdens aren’t a problem there we’re seeing drones deployed in ways that are literally saving lives.

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Learn, News: Watch the Human Brain Come to Life in This Stunning Piece of Art

Our understanding of how the human brain connects, stores, and processes information is really just beginning, but there’s new data that suggests the way our neurons connect has a few more dimensions than we might have imagined. That’s a lot to wrap your head around, I know. So, perhaps, it may be easier just to see it in action. The video below provides a guided tour of the […]

News: Congress Working on National Self-Driving Car Regulations   source: WIRED  

The U.S. Congress has finally acknowledged that self-driving cars are coming whether we’re afraid of them or not. And if that’s the case, then we should probably have a few laws and regulations that govern the who, how, and when they’re operated. And as lawmakers are quickly finding out, self-driving cars not only a new technological animal but a regulatory one as well. Aarian Marshall with WIRED has the […]

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News: Google is positioning its new job-search product as an effort to save America   source: Quartz  

Disruption in the job market, as well as a general shortage of workers, has led Google to step into problem solving mode for America. Google strength is information gathering and aggregating, and they’re hoping to leverage those abilities into creating an aggregate job board that better connects workers and companies. Quartz has the story.

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News: Are You a Magnet for Mosquitoes?   source: Scientific American  

When it comes to mosquitoes, we either know the person or we assume we are the person that gets bit more often than everyone else. It’s a phenomenon that we know little about — at least scientifically, but one research study is setting out to change that using a hundred sets of twins and a lot of sweaty socks.

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News: New Sniff Tech Could Protect Cops From Synthetic Opioids   source: WIRED  

A less-considered consequence of stronger drugs like fentanyl on the streets is increased likelihood of accidental ingestion by law enforcement officers. And there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest this is a problem. Eric Niiler with WIRED has the story on new technology that’s helping police identify drugs and protecting officers at the same time.

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New digital citizenship curriculum is an idea worth copying

Commentary, News: New digital citizenship curriculum is an idea worth copying

Here in North Dakota, we occasionally dismiss outside ideas — particularly those from more liberal-leaning parts of the country — because those places don’t identify as closely with our values. Sometimes that’s good; sometimes that’s bad. The story below comes from the Washington state, and it’s absolutely an outside idea that we should be appropriating. Technology is changing our brains and our culture at an ever faster pace, and […]

How Technology is Training You to Look at Your Phone

News: How Technology is Training You to Look at Your Phone

There’s no doubt that the super computers we carry in our pockets are changing the world, but what’s less obvious is the way they’re changing our brains. And when you get right down to it, tech companies are nudging us towards creating habits — err. addictions — that are usually good for them, but maybe not always so good for us. In a tech-focused world, knowledge of how […]

News: Self-Driving Cabs on the Way, London trials driverless shuttle service   source:   

The driverless future will force us to rethink a lot of the ways we operate in and around our community, and Minot will not be immune to the changes. As evidence, London is already trialing a driverless shuttle program. If it’s there now — we’re probably five years behind here. Get the story from the Verge.

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