News: No raises for North Dakota college presidents, chancellor   source: InForum  

The tough budget times are being felt across all levels of government, and the Board of Higher Education has caught wind of the belt-tightening sentiment. At a meeting in Fargo on Tuesday, the Board voted to freeze wages for all the state’s university system executives and college presidents. A contract extension was also granted to NDSU President Dean Bresciani.

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Commentary: How Students Say Colleges Should Change   source: EdSurge  

There’s been a lot of talk here in North Dakota about the need for higher education evolve. In this article from EdSurge, an interviewer sat down with three college-age students and asked them how they think higher education needs to change. The article is worth a read, the answers sound familiar — education needs less parrot instruction and more teaching of problem solving.

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Watch & Learn: Pennsylvania Kindergartners Swap Grades for Badges

News: Watch & Learn: Pennsylvania Kindergartners Swap Grades for Badges   source: EdSurge  

A skill learned, a concept is mastered, and a badge is the reward. It’s a simple, beautiful concept present in all areas of our culture, but it’s been less prevalent in our classrooms. Until now. A school district in Pennsylvania has thrown grades out for their younger students and is now incentivizing learning through the earning of badges. Watch and learn below.  

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Commentary, News: The most forward-thinking, future-proof college in America teaches every student the exact same stuff   source: Quartz  

There are few debates raging more loudly in North Dakota and nationally than the one over higher education, its value, and its future. But one college has maintained it’s role and is now emerging as a leader in producing capable students, and they’ve done so by through strict adhearance to an old-fashioned idea, the classical, liberal arts education. Read the commentary on an old approach to a new […]

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News: The Story One Elementary School Reinventing itself   source: EdSurge  

For one elementary school in New Hampshire, the status quo was no longer an option. Plummeting test scores, high staff turnover, low morale, and an ongoing community opioid crisis were creating challenges in the classroom. The solution was what is described as ‘whole child development’, and the story of their successful turnaround is worth reading.

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New digital citizenship curriculum is an idea worth copying

Commentary, News: New digital citizenship curriculum is an idea worth copying

Here in North Dakota, we occasionally dismiss outside ideas — particularly those from more liberal-leaning parts of the country — because those places don’t identify as closely with our values. Sometimes that’s good; sometimes that’s bad. The story below comes from the Washington state, and it’s absolutely an outside idea that we should be appropriating. Technology is changing our brains and our culture at an ever faster pace, and […]

Bismarck High School Solves IT Challenges with Tech Club

News: Bismarck High School Solves IT Challenges with Tech Club

Bismarck’s Legacy High School is on the newer end of the spectrum, but it’s not just the building that has a different feel — there’s also some new approaches to education. One example, instead of employing an IT staff to take care school’s computers and tech hardware, they’ve insourced the job directly to students. The Video below from NBC News tells the story. Commentary: this is exactly the […]

News: SBHE approves policy to authorize gun storage on campuses   source: Bismarck Tribune  

In a state with a rich history and love of hunting, the question of how students store guns on university campuses is a question that needs a working answer. Adding that to the fact that the legislature is redefining and strengthing our gun ownership and carrying rights this session means a few policies need to be reworked. Andrew Haffner has the story on how the State Board of […]

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News: Grand Forks meetings on New Americans slated to bridge local divides   source: Grand Forks Herald  

The political rhetoric regarding immigration has reached a fever pitch, and it’s resulted in an uneasiness that’s filtering into our communities. In Grand Forks, they’re working to combat the tension by bringing people together to talk, discuss, and learn. The hope is that a sense of mutual understanding among different ethnic groups and immigrants will help unify the community.

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News: State Board of Higher Education approves change in tenure policy   source: InForum  

A new policy regarding tenure within the State Board of Higher Education was approved Thursday. The elective policy reduces the timeline required to dismiss a tenured faculty member from 1-year to 90 days and 180 days in circumstances where the primary reason is budget insolvency or difficulty.

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News: Inappropriate Behavior Results in One-Week Suspension for Hockey Team   source: Grand Forks Herald  

The boy’s hockey team in Thief River Falls will serve a team-wide one-week suspension because of inappropriate behavior. Privacy laws prevent the school district from saying more about the event that caused suspension, but an independent investigation resulting from allegations provided the district grounds for the action.

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