North Dakota continues sampling for larval zebra mussels in Red River

News: North Dakota continues sampling for larval zebra mussels in Red River   source: InForum  

With people and boats moving around for the holiday weekend, here’s a reminder that we have some hard-to-see invaders that we’re trying to keep out of North Dakota waters. Zebra mussels are great hitchhikers, and the fact that there’s now worry and some evidence that they’ve migrated into the Red River drainage system is reason enough to clean the boat and drain the live well.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

If you release fish, here are some tips on how to do it well!

Commentary, Learn: If you release fish, here are some tips on how to do it well!

I’ve always preferred simple tackle for fishing – bobbers, jigs, spoons and hooks – though I’m not categorically against using the latest legal tools and technology. I call it low impact angling. Some call it bobbers and worms. Whatever you declare, it’s more about enjoying fish and less about trophy angling, no matter the cost. You can find fish – I bet we’ve all seen bluegills shading themselves […]

Crowded Waters Require Courteous Boaters

Commentary: Crowded Waters Require Courteous Boaters

No matter where in North Dakota you call home, finding a place to wet a line or relax on a boating excursion is not too far away. It’s kind of an interesting thought, as the state has more waters than ever to use for all recreation, and we also have more people registering watercraft than ever before as well. In some way, you could say supply and demand […]

Deer Gun License Application Deadline Approaching

News: Deer Gun License Application Deadline Approaching

With North Dakota’s deer gun season license application deadline fast approaching, it’s a good time for a reminder to prospective hunters that the fastest and easiest way through the process is online via the state Game and Fish Department’s website. This is especially true for people who are eligible for gratis licenses, as once you enter your land description into the online database, it’ll be stored there for […]

News: SBHE approves policy to authorize gun storage on campuses   source: Bismarck Tribune  

In a state with a rich history and love of hunting, the question of how students store guns on university campuses is a question that needs a working answer. Adding that to the fact that the legislature is redefining and strengthing our gun ownership and carrying rights this session means a few policies need to be reworked. Andrew Haffner has the story on how the State Board of […]

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

Spring Light Goose Season Open, Snow Geese on the Move

News: Spring Light Goose Season Open, Snow Geese on the Move

On the morning of Thursday, Feb. 9, Bismarck recorded a low temperature of 15 below zero, the third day in a row of sub-zero readings. At that time, I don’t think anyone could have predicted North Dakota would have snow geese within its borders just over a week later when the spring light goose conservation season started on Feb. 18. At that point, it looked like another year […]

News: Lake Darling to be Lowered for Spring Runoff   source: Minot Daily News  

In anticipation of a heavier-than-average spring runoff, the operating level at Lake Darling will be lowered to 1594 feet above sea level — 2 feet below the normal pre-runoff level. The goal is to reach that level by the end of March, and as the releases ramp up over the next weeks, those on the river should pay extra attention to ice conditions.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

A Day Hunting or Fishing is a Good Day Regardless of Success

Commentary: A Day Hunting or Fishing is a Good Day Regardless of Success

When it comes to conversations about hunting and fishing, it’s pretty easy to understand when someone relates they caught a 5-pound walleye or bagged a limit of mallards. For me, those references bring to mind a stream of different fish and fowl I’ve seen, caught or shot for a comparative point of reference. But when the conversation shifts to if a hunter or angler is “happy” or “satisfied,” […]

News: Coyotes are ‘here to stay’ in North Dakota   source: Grand Forks Herald  

Brad Dokken with the Grand Forks Herald digs into the full story on one of our canine neighbors. The Coyote was not always a predominant species on the prairie, but farm policy in the 1980s created habitat they like and the population responded accordingly.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky