News: : Prairie Roots Food Co-op opens in Fargo with mix of natural, organic foods   source: InForum  

The manner in which shop for groceries is evolving and there’s no better evidence than the opening of another food co-op in the state. Prairie Roots Food Co-op opened their doors in downtown Fargo yesterday. The member-owned business uses 5,600 square feet to provide organic and natural food, much of it locally sourced.

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Learn, News: : The life-changing magic of getting a person to change their mind—even yourself   source: Aeon  

With those we care about, we try and try and try. Sometimes we need to do it ourselves, but we resist. Yes, I’m talking about change, particularly of our minds. And as our knowledge of how our brains work starts to align with observed behavior, we’re starting to get confirmation that changing minds is possible. But we have to forced into the uncomfortable situation of holding two opposing […]

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Learn, News: : Growing Together: Options for healthy lawns with fewer chemicals   source: Grand Forks Herald  

As North Dakota transitions from snow removal to lawn care, the quest for the greenest, weed-free lawn will begin. At least for some. And if you’re interested in how to accomplish the task with fewer chemicals, Don Kinzler writing for the Grand Forks Herald can scratch your itch. And the best part, he provides his tips in list form so it’s really easy to read.

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News: : TV And Videogames Rewire Young Brains, For Better And Worse   source: NPR  

Technology is changing us. New evidence suggests that increased screen time at a young age rewires the brain to need more stimulation in order to really get it cranking. Whether this is a good or bad thing, remains unknown to researchers as there are indicators that suggest both benefit and detriment.

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Learn, News: : 10 Internet Safety Rules to Teach Children Before They Go Online   source: Life Hacker  

The rise of the Internet and pervasively available technology has created opportunities and challenges across the spectrum. And that includes with raising kids. Most parents are figuring it out as they go, but if you’re just getting started, here’s a primer on the lessons your kid needs to know.

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Learn, News: : 20 things to do now to winterize your yard and garden   source: Grand Forks Herald  

If you’ve been procrastinating your yard and garden cleanup, fall has been kind to you. There’s still time to make the best moves as we head into winter so everything comes back strong next spring. Check out the checklist in this article from the Grand Forks Herald.

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News: : Domestic Violence Crisis Center Clears Construction Loan   source: Minot Daily News  

Minot’s Domestic Violence Crisis Center is now clear of a significant financial burden. With the help two generous benefactors and  many others in the community, the center was able to payoff debt remaining from 2013 construction of an expanded campus. Jill Schramm of the Minot Daily has the full story.

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Watch & Learn: Why Are Teens So Moody?

Learn: : Watch & Learn: Why Are Teens So Moody?

Got a kid who’s approaching his or her teenage years? Are you already in the throes? Are are you a teenager yourself and wondering why your parents are always rolling their eyes and saying ‘teenager’? A little scientific understanding may help everyone understand just what’s gong on. Watch and learn below. AsapSCIENCE AsapSCIENCE (uploads) on YouTube