Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a free bag

Commentary: Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a free bag

If you weren’t aware, a group of passionate Minot citizens appealed to Minot’s City Council to take up the issue of single-use plastic — particularly disposable plastic bags. After months of information gathering and taking public comment, the group offered several recommendations intended to curb consumption. One of the primary recommendations is a 10-cent tax on plastic bags. The theory with a tax is that it will reduce use...

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News: Teams searching for cheap way to stop algae blooms, with $10 million prize on the line

You have an efficient, cost-effective way to remove phosphorous from freshwater bodies? If so, you may want to enter it into an innovation competition sponsored The Everglades Foundation in Florida. The prize: $10,000,000. Whether North or South, algae blooms are an increasing problem and one of the primary contributors is phosphorus-rich runoff that feeds the algae growth.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution

Many residents in Minot want to see citywide recycling, but before we invest big in the facilities and equipment, perhaps we should ask — what problem is it we’re trying to solve? One answer we’d expect to hear is we need to reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment. If that’s the case, then Matt Wilkins writing at Scientific American has a different proposal for dealing with the...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: In Winnipeg, ash borer battle is in full swing

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species that slowly kills ash trees, and in Winnipeg, they’re expecting to spend $90 million (not a typo) in the next ten years. Minot has a bit of geographical buffer, the problem is on the way. We’d do well to watch these other area efforts unfold as we begin building our strategy.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Opinion: The recycling game is rigged against consumers

Minot recycling has been a contentious topic of late, and for those who support the effort, there are few reasons worthy of a delay. But circumstances far beyond Minot are wreaking havoc on the pillar of American environmentalism and forcing environmentalists to think differently about the practice. And one problem that’s been identified may surprise you — we’ve been making it too easy.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Environmental Policy Group Seeks Comments on Plastic Bag Usage and Community Impacts

News, Surveys & Polls: Environmental Policy Group Seeks Comments on Plastic Bag Usage and Community Impacts

The Minot Environmental Policy Group is looking for public comment on the use of plastic bags within the Minot community. The full news release from the group follows below. — Official News Release, Minot Environmental Policy Group — The Minot Environmental Policy Group is working to find ways to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in Minot.  Your input and comments are requested. Do you and your...

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Environmental Tips and Wishes from Minot Residents

Commentary: Environmental Tips and Wishes from Minot Residents

Happy Week After Earth Day!  I hope that everyone is able to be outside to enjoy the beautiful weather in our beautiful community 🙂 I recently asked members of the Environmentally Minded People of Minot group on Facebook what environmental knowledge they would want to share with residents of Minot to help them live a lifestyle that has a smaller environmental impact on our community, country, and world....

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News: African elephants are migrating to safety—and telling each other how to get there

Travel by night, because that’s safer. Poachers are out during the day. Listen for the language the people are speaking, that will tell you if they’re dangerous. Botswana is your goal; it’s safe there. The manner in which African elephants are adapting to an increasingly hostile world is extraordinary. This article tells the story.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: New film urges action to protect Badlands from oil impacts

Teddy Roosevelt came to the North Dakota Badlands more than a 130 years ago, and the spirit of conservation was one of the ideals he took back to the East Coast and ultimately, the Presidency. And according to one group of North Dakota citizens, that same call to conservation is needed again in our state’s oil region. They’ve made a film encouraging action; Amy Dalrymple with the Bismarck Tribune...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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It is Time to Bag the Bag

Commentary: It is Time to Bag the Bag

Single-use plastic bags have been an important part of the development of our culture. They are a cheap and effective manner of transporting food from the grocery or convenience store. They are low in cost and high in flexibility. They even protect cars from melting ice cream and condensation from cold items on a summer day. But after we use them, where do they go?

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