News: Burgum declares statewide fire, drought emergency   source: Bismarck Tribune  

Governor Burgum declared a statewide drought emergency; the action allows the National Guard to be activated if necessary. “These conditions present a serious threat to the health and safety of local area citizens and their personal property,” Burgum said in a statement. “Significant manpower and equipment will be required for response and recovery operations.”

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News: Health Department warns of cyanotoxin in North Dakota waters, animal deaths reported   source: Minot Daily News  

The hotter-than-usual weather combined with little rain has sped up mother nature’s clock when it comes to creating ripe conditions for blue-green algae development. The blue-green algae release cyanotoxins into water sources that can be fatal if ingested. Several cattle deaths have already been reported. Kim Fundingsland with the Minot Daily News has the story.

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Learn, News: Watch the Human Brain Come to Life in This Stunning Piece of Art

Our understanding of how the human brain connects, stores, and processes information is really just beginning, but there’s new data that suggests the way our neurons connect has a few more dimensions than we might have imagined. That’s a lot to wrap your head around, I know. So, perhaps, it may be easier just to see it in action. The video below provides a guided tour of the […]

News: North Dakota to Join Group of 13 States Threatening to Sue California Over Coal Divestment Initiative   source: Say Anything  

Politics, policy, and activism all go hand in hand, and sometimes the best way to advance an agenda is through the back door. At least, that’s the what North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem suspects with regard to recently introduced policy by California’s Insurance Commissioner that would force insurance companies to disclose investments in fossil fuel industries. Rob Port with Say Anything has the story.

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News: The Arctic Is Turning Green; Scientists Finally Know Why   source: Science Alert  

Researchers have noticed the color of the arctic slowly changing. Specifically, the ice was taking on a greener color. Now, there’s evidence that suggests the cause is a thinning of the ice that’s letting more light through and subsequently producing blooms of microscopic marine plants. The down side: the green color absorbs more heat, which thins the ice, which lets light through, which creates more marine plant growth.

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News: There’s a good reason why Nordic people look so damn healthy   source: Quartz  

The data shows that our Scandinavian relatives get the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise per week, and more often than not, the get it outside. Perhaps coincidentally, Scandinavians also rate high on measures of happiness and well-being.

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When rivers caught fire and bald eagles were poisoned: why we need the Environmental Protection Agency

Learn, News: When rivers caught fire and bald eagles were poisoned: why we need the Environmental Protection Agency   source: The Verge  

President Trump’s choice for director of the EPA has raised concerns for the environmentally-minded among us. And those concerns are not without warrant, but whatever the state of the EPA at this point — and that’s not to say reform isn’t warranted — we’d do well to remember the circumstances that led to its creation. This article from The Verge provides a stark reminder of where we were […]

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News: Trump to order review of WOTUS regulations   source: Reuters  

The Waters of the U.S. Rule appears is on official hold pending what is likely to be some type of rollback. The 2015 EPA and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers rule from 2015 sought to redefine and expand the scope of waters and waterways that are federally protected.

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Commentary: The Struggle within the Economics of Environmental Protection   source: Scientific American  

If you take a minute to read the mission and guiding principles behind The Minot Voice, you’ll notice the protecting the environment gets a special call-out. This guest blog on Scientific American provides some valuable commentary on a couple ideas intended to quantify the future economic impacts through a current market mechanism.

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Commentary: Congressman Cramer on the Dakota Access Easement Ruling   source: Wall Street Journal  

Congressman Cramer weighs in with an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. He lays out the facts of the issue and lays the lawless outcome directly on the shoulders of President Obama.

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