Commentary: Opioid epidemic forces us into new territory   source: Minot Daily News  

In today’s Minot Daily editorial, Mike Sasses, editor of the Minot Daily provides some perspective on the new challenges created by opioid and drug abuse that’s more and more prevalent. When a judge has to consider whether granting someone bond may endanger their own life, we know we have a difficult problem to solve. Read the full editorial by following the source link.

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News: Opioid epidemic is swamping U.S. hospitals with 1.3M ER trips, hospitalizations   source: The Washington Post  

The opioid drug crisis is one of those issues that might not hit home unless you have a personal experience with a family member or friend, but the trickle-down impacts of the problem are effecting all of us in less obvious ways. And one area where the crisis is putting pressure on our systems is in our hospitals and emergency rooms. In 2014, opioid-related cases resulted in 1.27 million […]

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News: New Sniff Tech Could Protect Cops From Synthetic Opioids   source: WIRED  

A less-considered consequence of stronger drugs like fentanyl on the streets is increased likelihood of accidental ingestion by law enforcement officers. And there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest this is a problem. Eric Niiler with WIRED has the story on new technology that’s helping police identify drugs and protecting officers at the same time.

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Good Talk Minot #4: Fleshing out the Water Balloon Debacle

Commentary: Good Talk Minot #4: Fleshing out the Water Balloon Debacle

In episode #4 of The Good Talk Minot, Jonah Lantto of The Good Talk Network and I discuss the now-in-the-past water balloon debacle of 2017. If you’re unfamiliar with the incident, you can get a refresher from this Minot Daily article. The conversation helped me flesh out my thinking on the topic. Here’s where I landed: We need policies in place to act as a guide for people and […]

News: Ward County Commissioners vote to accept Sheriff’s resignation   source: KMOT News  

The saga of Sheriff Steve Kukowski’s tenure as Sheriff is drawing to a close. Ward County Commissioners voted to accept Mr. Kukowski’s resignation following a two-hour executive session on Tuesday. It all stems from the death of Dustin Irwin, an inmate at the Ward County Jail, who died in October of 2014 while in the care of the County. Mr. Kukowski will still face misdemeanor charges related to […]

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News: Top Devils Lake cops placed on leave after disparaging internal report   source: Grand Forks Herald  

All is not well inside the Devils Lake Police Department and responsibility for the situation is landing at the top of the food chain. The department’s chief and second in command have been placed on paid administrative leave by the City Commission. April Baumgarten with the Grand Forks Herald has the story.

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Commentary: A Prosecutors Perspective on Confidential Informant Legislation   source: Say Anything  

The discussion around “Andrew’s Law” this legislative session has been emotional charged. When a law is named after a person who’s no longer with us and born from a tragic situation, it’s easy to get caught in the idea that we must act and accept the first pitch. Ladd Erickson argues that Senate’s decision to slow this law down will result in better policy.

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News: Liquor License Violation Dismissed Against Motorcycle Club   source: Minot Daily News  

The Ice Cold Ryders Motorcycle Club was facing charges of selling alcohol without a license, but those charges have been dismissed based on a motion filed by the State’s Attorney. Assets seized are also expected to be ordered returned.

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Suspicious Vehicle Report Leads to Drug Arrest

News: Suspicious Vehicle Report Leads to Drug Arrest

On March 24, 2017 at 2:48 AM, officers responded to the Holiday Gas Station, located at 3301 S. Broadway, for a report of a red truck sitting on a curb near their car wash. As officers arrived they observed a red truck drive away from the car wash and park at a gas pump. Officers identified the driver of the vehicle as 28-year-old Kirk Mohr of Parshall, ND. […]

News: Twin Cities Jewish community shaken by rising anti-Semitism   source: Star Tribune  

It’s too early in the data gathering to call it a dramatic increase in behavior, but anecdotal evidence from those on the receiving end of it suggests the rise in anti-semitic behavior is something we should be paying attention to. Here’s the quote from a Minnetonka-based that that brings home the concern. Our experience as a community in this country has never been that we have had to worry […]

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