News: : New Orleans artists meet, speak on resilience with floodwall project   source: Gentilly Messenger  

The project is ambitious, a 1.5-mile long mural painted on a flood wall with the hopes of educating and empowering the local kids. The article is relevant here in Minot for two reasons. First, we’ve got a lot of flood wall going up, what we’ve seen thus far is aesthetically attractive, but perhaps there is more we can do to enhance it. Second, the organization responsible for administering […]

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Commentary: : Our economic future depends on storytellers   source: Quartz  

Heard a good story lately? It’s kind of a trick question, because if you did, you may not even know it. Storytelling is a time-honored art form, but we’re just now discovering the relevance it has to what we think, who we trust, and how we act. And our ability to spin a yarn may just be the key to success in an economy that is rapidly evolving […]

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When it come to flood protection in Scotland, a wall makes a nice canvas

Commentary, News: : When it come to flood protection in Scotland, a wall makes a nice canvas

With $330 million as our local cost for flood protection, there’s no distance too far to look when it comes to searching out good ideas that may tie into the project in some way. And though this idea isn’t directly related to saving life and property, it may be a way to enhance the project. If you’ve driven by the water treatment plant on 16th St. SW, you […]

News: : Arts and culture boost North Dakota, Minnesota economies, studies show   source: Grand Forks Herald  

When it comes to economic activity, the arts and culture communities are not little players. The North Dakota Council of the Arts was a participant in a recent economic impact study conducted in 341 regions in the U.S. The findings are significant; the arts culture and communities in North Dakota annually generate $110 million in economic activity, 4,000 full-time jobs, and $10 million in direct government revenue.

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Minot Pride Festival marks 5th anniversary with weekend of events

Happening, News: : Minot Pride Festival marks 5th anniversary with weekend of events

This coming weekend will feature a number of events organized by Pride Minot as a part of their annual festival. Checkout the full news release below. — Official News Release, Pride Minot — Pride Minot, an organization to help strengthen and serve the LGBTQA+ population in Minot, will host its fifth annual Minot Pride Festival on July 13-16, at different venues throughout Minot. “Pride Minot is pleased to […]

Commentary: : Using the arts to think bigger   source: InForum  

The Executive Director of Fargo’s The Arts Partnership is on a new mission to turn the entire Fargo community into an arts incubator. And in doing so, she believes the entire community from citizens to students and businesses to non-profits will benefit.

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News: : Grand Forks Voters choose to build on Arbor Park after close vote   source: Grand Forks Herald  

Grand Forks residents narrowly chose economic activity and a new development in downtown Grand Forks over keeping a park that was put in place following the 1997 flood. But a quote from Grand Forks City Council President Dana Sande is perhaps most telling in how the City will move forward. “The thing that should never be lost is, there are a bunch of people that voted ‘yes’ that wanted […]

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It’s the First Thursday! You’re Heading Downtown Tonight, Right?

Happening: : It’s the First Thursday! You’re Heading Downtown Tonight, Right?

First Thursday is a new, monthly event. Long story short, this is the night you want to head downtown. Music, food, art, poetry, and atmosphere are the order of the day, and it’s taking place on the streets, in the shops, and in the galleries of downtown Minot. Specific events are planned at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00, but those attending are free to wander in and out at […]

How do we retain talent? We can start by supporting it!

Commentary: : How do we retain talent? We can start by supporting it!

I hope you caught the Minot Daily’s editorial a couple days ago on retaining talent. If you didn’t, go back and read it. In my mind, this is one of the bigger must-solve challenges facing Minot. North Dakota ingenuity, common sense, and our remarkable work ethic are BY FAR the most valuable commodities we produce, and it’s a shame that we export so much of it to other […]

Check out The Minot Story Hour Saturday and in a Minot Minute

Happening: : Check out The Minot Story Hour Saturday and in a Minot Minute

Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Minot Public Library, you’ll have the chance to get to know a few people in our community better than you might imagine. It’s all a part of and the goal of The Minot Story Hour (@minotstoryhour). Here’s organizer Travis Gerjets talking about the experience in a Minot Minute. And don’t be shy about letting them know you’re going to stop by. […]

‘Neither Wolf Nor Dog’ to Opens in Bismarck

News: : ‘Neither Wolf Nor Dog’ to Opens in Bismarck   source: Bismarck Tribune  

An independent film featuring the great plains as a setting and a colorful, well-storied Native American as the main character is opening in Bismarck. The movie titled ‘Neither Wolf Nor Dog’ is born from a 1994 novel by Minnesota writer Ken Nerburn. Here’s hoping we get a showing in Minot.

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