News: Task force recommends three-board governance model for higher ed

The Governor’s Task Force on Higher Education has concluded their work. Their recommendation: a three-board governance models that tasks one board to each research university and one board to the regional and community college network throughout the state. Read the full news release from the Governor’s office below. — Official News Release, Office of Governor Burgum — BISMARCK, N.D. – Members of the Task Force for Higher Education Governance...

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Details on Deer Season

Commentary, News: Details on Deer Season

While North Dakota’s 2018 deer gun season continues through Nov. 25, it still generates a fair amount of questions and conversation preseason, midseason and postseason. First off, this year’s deer hunting season did open later than what a lot of people think is normal. The traditional deer opener for more than three decades has been the Friday before Nov. 11. That means the range for the deer opener,...

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My Year Below Average Part III

Opinion: My Year Below Average Part III

Recap: I dared myself to see if we could keep our home energy consumption below an average of 500 kwh for an entire year.  Our house was pretty well-designed for a project like this, and the first few months turned out to be pretty easy.  When we finally crunched the numbers in the early part of September, I was a little worried that we would not hit our...

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Alderman Notes — City of Minot Committee of the Whole Agendas & Thoughts

News: Alderman Notes — City of Minot Committee of the Whole Agendas & Thoughts

The City of Minot’s City Council Committee of the Whole meet’s this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The agendas are below along with notes from one Alderman. Of primacy in community concern, the disucssion on the future of Minot’s landfill will take place Tuesday. Committee of the Whole Tuesday, October 30, 2018 – 4:15 PM City Council Chambers 1. AUDITORIUM MAIN ARENA FLOOR REPLACEMENT – FINAL PAYMENTS The...

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My Year Below Average Part II

Opinion: My Year Below Average Part II

Let’s take a moment to recap in case you missed the last column: I am pretty average.  I was bored and felt inspired to do something to combat global climate change and I found a whole bunch of cool stats about home energy consumption by state on a website call EnergyLocal.  I set a goal of keeping our home’s average electricity consumption below 500 kwh per month aiming...

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My Year Below Average Part I

Opinion: My Year Below Average Part I

I would say that I am a pretty average person.  The two exceptions might be my intense love of Star Trek and my strong inability to bowl above a 180.  (I fully accept that those two things might be correlated…) This last year I set out on a quest to be decidedly below average in one particular category – home energy use. How did this topic and goal...

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