Yesterday, I wrote about how we need to think differently if we’re going to truly turn a corner as a community. Today, I’m going show you the map that I’m using.

In the video below, you’ll discover why #MakeMinot was so important, why work of groups like the @Minot Story Hour (@minotstoryhour), the Minot Street Art Movement, and Friends of the Souris (@sourisfriends) is fuel for our next steps, and why downtown and the gathering space are such high priorities. There’s been a fundamental¬†shift in the way the younger generations approach their lives. First, they look for the place they want to live; then they figure out the job.

Yes, we need to start thinking differently, but the template for success is widely available.


Josh Wolsky, Writer & Developer, The Minot Voice

Josh Wolsky is a Minot native and developer of the Minot Voice. He is also actively involved the Friends of the Souris River and all efforts to #MakeMinot. He also had the recent misfortune of being elected to Minot's City Council.