What do you see when you look at Minot’s downtown grain elevators? For long-time Minoters, these icons of past industry have bled into Minot’s background. Sure, they’re there, but how many of us see them anymore? That’s a shame.

What would it take to turn your eyes up to them? What would it take to make you notice them again?

Better yet, what would it take to make them a point of community pride? What would it take to make them remarkable?

What about a different look? What about a makeover?

But can you imagine the pain in painting them? Any guesses at the number of gallons it would take to brighten them up? You get my point, right? It sounds expensive, hard, and therefore, probably not feasible.

But what if, we could give them a makeover without the paint and hundreds of hours of work? Better yet, what if we could give them a new look every night of the year? What if every night, Minot’s skyline lit up new and remade?

And, what if it could be done for the cost of 8.5”x11” drawing? You probably think I’m crazy, but with a well-placed projector and a bright light bulb, maybe it’s possible.

How do we #MakeMinot unique? How do we get people whispering good things about Minot in the far corners of the world? How do we compete against Minneapolis and Missoula? Perhaps through a completely pointless gesture.

Grab the slider for the big reveal, and if you’re interested in seeing this idea realized, get in touch.


Josh Wolsky, Writer & Developer, The Minot Voice

Josh Wolsky is a Minot native and developer of the Minot Voice. He is also actively involved the Friends of the Souris River and all efforts to #MakeMinot. He also had the recent misfortune of being elected to Minot's City Council.