Good Talk Minot #4: Fleshing out the Water Balloon Debacle

In episode #4 of The Good Talk Minot, Jonah Lantto of The Good Talk Network and I discuss the now-in-the-past water balloon debacle of 2017. If you’re unfamiliar with the incident, you can get a refresher from this Minot Daily article.

The conversation helped me flesh out my thinking on the topic. Here’s where I landed: We need policies in place to act as a guide for people and institutions, but we also need to occasionally deviate from the path and those guidelines when the nuance of a situation calls for it. It’s not an easy balance, but it comes down to empowering the use of personal judgement, and rewarding it when it’s used well.

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Josh Wolsky

Writer & Developer, The Minot Voice

Josh Wolsky is a Minot native and developer of the Minot Voice. He is also actively involved the Friends of the Souris River and all efforts to #MakeMinot.