So, you’re pissed about your City taxes going up? Me too

Commentary: : So, you’re pissed about your City taxes going up? Me too

Sometimes, maybe the best you can do is to make everyone angry. With three months on the job as a member of City Council and now a budget under my belt, that’s my ‘lesson learned’ at this point. And boy was that budget a doozy. If you’re not familiar with what’s coming your way, I won’t interpret your failure to contact me with your thoughts as tacit approval; […]

Cold Feet on the Eve of Budgeting for Recycling

Commentary: : Cold Feet on the Eve of Budgeting for Recycling

I wonder what would happen if those of us in government made a deal with the taxpayers and citizens; here’s the framework: as our part of the deal, we in government offer to be smart and resourceful with our dollars and spend them as an investment in a worthwhile outcome. In return, we the taxpayers and citizens agree to be more conscientious of our behavior and willing to […]

Commentary, News: : Help Grand Forks streets pass ‘Coffee Cup Test’   source: Grand Forks Herald  

Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown has taken up the general mission of ‘doing it better’, and one of the first places he’s starting is on the roads in Grand Forks. And an accidentally created litmus test is his newest tool. It’s one part of a larger commentary where Mayor Brown provides a little direct communication to the Grand Forks citizens on his efforts as Mayor.

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Community Facility Funds Split Seven Ways

News: : Community Facility Funds Split Seven Ways

Minot’s Community Development committee met today to discuss how to award $4.8 million in sales tax dollars allocated to community facilities. That recommendation will now be advanced to Minot’s full City Council. The City of Minot’s news release on the meeting and awarded projects follows below. — Official News Release, City of Minot — The Minot City Council’s Community Development Committee on Wednesday recommended awarding approximately $4.8 million […]

News: : New Orleans artists meet, speak on resilience with floodwall project   source: Gentilly Messenger  

The project is ambitious, a 1.5-mile long mural painted on a flood wall with the hopes of educating and empowering the local kids. The article is relevant here in Minot for two reasons. First, we’ve got a lot of flood wall going up, what we’ve seen thus far is aesthetically attractive, but perhaps there is more we can do to enhance it. Second, the organization responsible for administering […]

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News: : What’s a ‘Pop Up City Hall’? Popsicles, an umbrella and a Grand Forks official   source: Grand Forks Herald  

Back on July 16, the City of Minot threw itself a birthday party. You may not have known we just turned 130. It was a great event for many reasons, but perhaps most significantly for the way it made city officials and services public and accessible in a non-traditional setting. And shortly after that celebration, there’s news out of Grand Forks that they’re attempting similar events. It’s a […]

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News: : Stretch of Mississippi River in and around St. Cloud sheds its sullied history   source: Star Tribune  

For one city in Minnesota, the Mississippi River was just a water pathway that flowed through town. It was the place they dumped their sewage; it was the home of meat-packing plants that sent their environmental impacts downstream. They stopped the environmental damage they were doing a generation ago; now their eyes are opening to the economic and recreational opportunities of restored habitat. @sourisfriends, does any of this […]

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News: : Marathon community facilities meeting ends in indecision   source: Minot Daily News  

The community facilities allocation of Minot’s sales tax is set at 30% of 1-cent. By the end of 2017, it’s expected to have about $4.8 million available. The first step in deciding which projects are funded rests in the hands of a subcommittee of City Council members, and they met on Thursday to review applications. Requests exceeding dollars available and a difficult financial situation for the city led […]

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News: : Growing cities take proactive stance against diverse threats, building resilience   source:   

When it comes to resilience, it’s not just about being prepared. It’s about building stronger cities that deliver a higher quality of life and more economic diversity. Sound familiar? Minot is in the middle of an enormous resiliency effort made possible by $74.3 million federal grant. And we’re not the only city thinking in this language; check out this article from the Christian Science Monitor on the larger resilient […]

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FEMA floodplain open house your opportunity for one-on-one answers

Happening, News: : FEMA floodplain open house your opportunity for one-on-one answers

Wednesday, July 19th FEMA and the City of Minot will be hosting an open house at the Municipal Auditorium from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm. As a result of FEMA’s floodplain remapping process of the Souris Valley, approximately 4,000 properties in the Minot area will be newly included in the area’s revised floodplain. That means many properties will be required to carry federally backed flood insurance if there […]

Let’s get started on rail relocation

Commentary: : Let’s get started on rail relocation

One of the reasons The Minot Voice focuses on news from other areas is because it’s rare that a community like Minot confronts a wholly new and unique problem. Whatever our challenge, and we have plenty, there are good odds that some community somewhere has faced a similar challenge. And the more we read around, the more likely we are to find outside ideas and solutions that match […]