Is the degree to which student behavioral issues impact classrooms and student outcomes getting worse or better? What do you hear from teachers and what emerging policies and practices do we need to ensure we’re creating a positive learning environment for our ready and willing students?

This candidate did not provide an answer to the question.

— Michael Carswell

Children today are dealing with things they never have before. Sometimes those traumas cause them to act out. It is not ok for a child to cause bodily injury, yet it happens more than people would like to acknowledge. I believe a small dedicated team should be established in each school that can focus on this sort of thing. The team could consist of teachers, paras, parents and administration who have an understanding of this type of behavior. They would be the point of contact when certain behaviors are seen. This team would be given specialized training on defusing certain situations and would have the ability to share that training with their schools. I also strongly believe if retaliation is a concern, cameras in classrooms could dissolve these concerns.

— Miranda Schuler

Great question and a "hot topic" today, among many more......... From my perspective, based on what I've been told and have read, it's certainly not "getting better". Behavioral issues have become a distraction, as reported by teachers, and we do have policies and procedures in place to deal with those issues. In addition, MPS provides an Alternative school for those who need additional help. I have read about schools that are looking at other options to deal with behavioral issues, about which I am very interested in learning more. I won't get on my soapbox, but in summary, a large part the solution begins at home......there is much more to discuss.

— Steven Velk

MPS does provide a positive learning environment for our students.
Classroom behavioral issues have definitely changed in the last few years.
As per this year’s negotiations, as a board member, I hope to see a committee of educators, administrators, and a board member work towards implementing a policy addressing these issues.

— Laura Mihalick

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