Sales Tax is a critical but recently volatile revenue source for City and infrastructure projects — is our current percentage-based bucket plan that heavily subsidizes the cost of our government that otherwise be funded through property tax serving our needs or are there changes to how we use this revenue that need to be made?

The use of the varying percentage-based buckets was, I believe instrumental in allowing the city of Minot to accomplish things that may have gone undone without those dollars. For example, the community fund allowed us to work in conjunction with partners throughout the city on projects that don’t get completed unless the funding is there. Looking forward, I think a portion of this revenue could be set aside to fund future maintenance needs, for example greenspace maintenance, routine maintenance on the millions of dollars spent in recent years on infrastructure or a sinking fund for future capital needs.

— Timothy P. Mihalick

This candidate did not provide an answer to the question.

— Nancy Bommelman

This candidate did not provide an answer to the question.

— Shaun Sipma


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