Compare Minot to Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Williston — what’s Minot’s competitive advantage? What’s our leg up? What’s our niche? And how should we go about using our advantage to advance our community?

This candidate did not provide an answer to the question.

— Nancy Bommelman

This candidate did not provide an answer to the question.

— Shaun Sipma

It’s interesting, if you take the time to review the data presented in the governor’s main street initiative there are some numbers that will jump out at you. Grand Forks is the youngest city with a median age of 29 and Bismarck is the oldest with a median age of 37, Fargo at 31, Minot at 32 and Williston at 31. Median household income is as follows; Bismarck at $60K, Fargo at $48K (hence the large number of apartments), Grand Forks at $48K, Minot at $62K and Williston at $91K. Taxable purchases by city; Bismarck $85.5M, Fargo $234.7M, Grand Forks $76M, Minot $56M and Williston $114M.
So, based on these statistics, what’s Minot’s competitive advantage? It is and needs to continue to be its people. I never doubted the strength of my employees during my iret days and I still feel that way. Simply, we need to empower them to do great things. We have all that a growing community needs, regional health care, regional shopping, a state university, a rail system, great parks and a zoo that rivals communities larger than ours. We have an engaged community base on the number of candidates for the upcoming elections, so we need to lead them with a vision and a mission to take a vital interest in their future.

— Timothy P. Mihalick


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