The conversation about revitalizing Minot’s downtown and possibly other neighborhoods is about to get started. And so, it’s a natural time to look around at ideas that are working in other places. To that end, here’s a great story out of Minneapolis about the food and beverage industry leading the charge. Coincidentally, the proprietors of Tongue in Cheek, one of the featured restaurants have strong ties to Minot.

Here’s the quote from the article that captures the experience on the ground:

The right restaurant, arriving at the right time, can have a tremendous impact on the redevelopment of a neighborhood. It used to be that urban planning required a long, drawn-out process of meetings and research. Now, you just need a locally owned and operated restaurant with more than six local beers on tap.

— Chris Coleman, Mayor, St. Paul

Chef and co-owner Leonard Anderson stands for a portrait in front of Tongue in Cheek, in St. Paul. Photo by Courtney Pedroza, Star Tribune

Summary by: Josh Wolsky


Josh Wolsky, Writer & Developer, The Minot Voice

Josh Wolsky is a Minot native and developer of the Minot Voice. He is also actively involved the Friends of the Souris River and all efforts to #MakeMinot. He also had the recent misfortune of being elected to Minot's City Council.