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  • It finally happened today.  I saw a Tesla electric car in Minot, North Dakota!  I met it at a stop light making a left hand turn. We shared a moment.  You see, I would love to have a Tesla vehicle. They drive li […]

  • I love walking my dog.  She is earnest and excited about life, and every morning is an adventure when we leave the front door.  One of the big tasks of our routine is picking up the trash that blew into our n […]

    • Hey Tim,
      As regular participant in the Friends of the Souris river cleanups, there’s no single item picked off our river banks and out of our river more often. I’ve stood in one spot, went down to pick up a plastic bag only to discover another plastic bag directly under the first one. It becomes a bit sickening after a while.

      And I like the non-mandated but incentivized approach. It’s something we have to think about especially as we get closer to recycling. Plastic bags are the number one problem contaminant in recycling streams. The muck up the sorting equipment and cost everyone money. Yes, they’re convenient, but I’m not sure that convenience outweighs the full and true costs if we’re willing to acknowledge them.
      Josh Wolsky

    • I think 3 years is far too long to implement this, cut it to one year. The city should put its foot down, and say “this is going to happen in one year”. I think dragging it out for 3 years, just gives people an excuse not to comply. If you shorten it to one year, people will be more apt to adhere to the deadline.

      • Thanks for sharing your input Brad. Ultimately it will be up to our elected and appointed leaders to consider the needs of all of the people of Minot and decide what will be the best path for moving forward on this topic. I agree, having a quicker timeline would work for me, but I am not the other 48,742 Minot residents, so I advocate for a slower change that we can all hopefully get behind.

    • this is minot. what you have to do, is implement a target date, and stick to it. if you give a 3-4 year time line, people in minot will say “i have 4 years, why should i care?”, and go about their business. you get to the end of that 4 years, and people will complain, and the response will be “you had time”. whereas, if you pick a much shorter time line, say, 6 months, or a year, people will be more apt to respond accordingly, that they should do something quickly, to adhere to the timeline. like i said, dragging it out doesn’t do anyone any good.

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  • Hi everyone. My name is Tim and I am excited and honored to write a recurring opinion column here on The Minot Voice. This column is entitled “The Practical Environmentalist.” I consider myself an advocate for our […]

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