There are Lots of Ways to Help!

There are Lots of Ways to Help!

From becoming a regular, registered reader to using The Minot Voice to advertise your business, there are lots of ways you can help support our effort. And rest of this page is here to show you how.

Read & Share

Advertising revenue will follow readers and regular users wherever they go. So, the easiest way to help is to check back in on a daily basis to see what's new around Minot. And if you want to really help us out, tell a friend or two about us -- we've made it easy!

Register & Contribute

The Minot Voice is local news packaged inside a social media platform. Be it news, a letter to the editor, an event, a job, or an item for sale in our classifieds, The Minot Voice is designed so you can find, publish, and share content that matters to Minot.

Help Pay the Bills!

Our goal is to make all our content free to read, but that doesn't mean we don't have expenses. A small contribution -- even a few dollars a month makes a difference when there's a few of you doing it. The Paypal link below is an appreciated way to help keep us going.


The Minot Voice was designed for a Minot audience and that makes it a great place for Minot businesses and professionals to share their message. If you're looking to build or extend your professional or business brand, The Minot Voice is a one-stop local solution.

Find Us, Follow Us, Like Us

We're working to build our own social network, but that doesn't mean we're ignoring the ones you already use. It just takes a minute to find, follow, and like us, and it's a great way stay informed on featured content.

Read & Share

Advertisers follow readers, so you're the one in control of our destiny. If you appreciate what we're doing, make a point to stop back in and see what's new. We've made it easy.

  • Bookmark Us! A homepage icon is a simple reminder to pop in on a regular basis. Check out this post for instructions.
  • Join our email list! Each day we'll email you a recap of the latest news and opinion.
  • Share, Like, Talk! We need ambassadors, and the job is easy. Share and like our content on your favorite social network, and when you're out in the real world, start a conversation about the local news of the day!

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Register, Invite, Contribute

We're happy to have you as an anonymous reader, but when we've earned your trust, we'd love to have you become a participating member on The Minot Voice.

  1. Get Registered! It's easy, create a new password with us or login instantly using your Google or Facebook credentials.
  2. Raise your Voice! Look for the 'myVoice' links in the menus. They're your access to your very own home page on the Minot Voice.
  3. Invite Your Friends! Look for the 'Send Invites' link on your 'myVoice' page. 
  4. Start Talking! Minot has challenges to overcome, and the best path will be revealed through open conversation.
  5. Sell Something! The best way to figure out the site is to use it. Start by placing a classified ad for that thing in the basement you don't use anymore.

You're in control!

The Minot Voice is an open publishing platform. If you've got news, something to say, something to sell, a current happening, or need some help, we've got a category for you. It's designed so those who need or want to reach a Minot audience have direct access.

Help Keep the Lights On!

The Minot Voice is a for-profit experiment. Our goal is to drive revenue by providing access to our audience and advertising for other Minot businesses, but we are not financially sustainable yet. If you're a regular citizen who appreciates the content and benefit we provide, you can help ensure our experiment is a success. There's no gesture greater than helping carry the burden. Use the form below to set up a citizen subscription.

A Local Business's Ticket to a Minot Audience!

Do you have a local business? Are you looking to build your professional brand? Do you have regular news and information that's relevant to life in the Magic City? If you can answer yes, our uniquely Minot mission makes us a great platform to engage a Minot audience.

At this early stage, we're a one-size-fits-all advertising opportunity that makes us a great option for every business model, type, and size. If you're interested in learning more, let's start with a conversation; we've got some limited-time incentives for early adopters who are willing to help us grow!

Get in touch however you're most comfortable. 

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