Minot City Council Agenda & Alderman Comments, February 19, 2019

Meetings & Agendas: Minot City Council Agenda & Alderman Comments, February 19, 2019

Minot’s City Council will meet Tuesday, February 19 at 5:30 p.m. The full agenda along with the comments of one Alderman can be found below. 1. ROLL CALL 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. PERSONAL APPEARANCES 4. PUBLIC HEARING Alderman Notes: On each of the public hearing/second reading items below, I expect to approve. That said, I’m concerned about the manner in which these are presented with no other supporting...

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City Council Agenda, February 4, 2019

Meetings & Agendas: City Council Agenda, February 4, 2019

Outlined below are the agenda items for the City of Minot’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting for February 4, 2019. Also included are brief comments of one Alderman. Regular City Council Meeting Monday, February 4, 2019 at 5:30 PM City Council Chambers – City Hall Any person needing special accommodation for the meeting is requested to notify the City Clerk’s Office at 857-4752. 1. ROLL CALL 2. PLEDGE...

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News: Public engagement in local decisions evolving rapidly on the shoulders of technology

How do we awaken citizens from their apathy and get them engaged with the decisions being made in their communities? One town in Colorado made an investment in technology, trashed the traditional model that only allowed input at live meetings, and catered to the lives of their citizens. The result is a cross-section of public engagement that is actually representative of the community.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: ‘We hereby declare!’ Young citizens take oath in special Children’s Museum event

When it comes to immigration formalities, the children of naturalized parents and those adopted by American parents are often notified by of their citizenship by a letter in the mail. But at a recent ceremony at the Children’s Museum of Minnesota, the full oath and recognition of the occasion were celebrated. The Star Tribune has the story on the use of a children’s museum as a tool for...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: Top Devils Lake cops placed on leave after disparaging internal report

All is not well inside the Devils Lake Police Department and responsibility for the situation is landing at the top of the food chain. The department’s chief and second in command have been placed on paid administrative leave by the City Commission. April Baumgarten with the Grand Forks Herald has the story.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: Winnipeg Councillors hire integrity boss to police their ethical behaviour

Elected officials for the City of Winnipeg have taken an unprecedented step in hiring an in-house ethics officer who will operate under the title of ‘integrity commissioner’. The first task of the newly appointed office — writing a new code of conduct including penalties for breach of conduct.    summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: Council Reorganization Commitee Recommends Raises for Mayor and Alderman

The committee advising on Minot’s transition to a smaller, 7-member Modern Council next June is recommending raises be given to elected officials starting in the 2018 budget year. Alderman currently earn $595 per month; if approved by the full City Council, that wage would increase to $1,000 per month.  Joe Skurzewski with KMOT has more on this story.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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On transparency, it’s time for the City of Minot to Start Exceeding Expectations

Commentary: On transparency, it’s time for the City of Minot to Start Exceeding Expectations

Transparency was a popular theme at Minot’s recent meet the candidates forums. But when the 14th is behind us, we all need to do a better job of holding elected officials accountable to the task. To put it simply, the City is clearing the low bar when it comes to transparency. But in a town as distrustful of leadership as Minot is, the low bar isn’t good enough....

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Thank God North Dakota Politicians are 100% Honest!

Commentary: Thank God North Dakota Politicians are 100% Honest!

Former New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran has recently pled guilty to two felonies that would not have been detected and arguably not a crime if she had been an elected state official or legislator in North Dakota.Her crimes were that she admitted using campaign contributions for her personal use. In addition to having pled guilty to these crimes, she has resigned her position as New Mexico...

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