News: ‘Multicultural’ lunch is a showcase of students’ heritage

In Williston, the new iteration of the American melting pot has been shaping the community since the start of the oil boom. One of the positive impacts of that diversity is now an opportunity to expose a person’s pallet to flavors from around the world. The Williston Herald has the story on a new program gaining a foothold in one middle school.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: Mining the magic: MN Industry leftovers reinvented by influx of silent sports

How do you take a once scarred landscape filled abandoned ore mines and turn it into something positive? One method: by embracing silent sports like mountain biking, hiking, trout fishing, and kayaking. A two-hour drive from the twin cities, you’ll find the Cayuna State Recreation Area, home to a then-radical idea hatched 30-years ago that is paying big dividends for a once economically stricken area.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Paying people to move to rural locations

News: Paying people to move to rural locations

The efforts to reenergize and repopulate rural portions of the United States are an ongoing topic for politicians. Often framed under the idea of ‘economic development’, the hope is that government can incentivize a behavior deemed to be beneficial to an area that’s not taking place on it’s own through the private sector. In Georgia, there’s a new intiative that aimed at simply getting people to move into...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Rural Youth Chase Big-City Dreams

News: Rural Youth Chase Big-City Dreams

Out-migration of young people from the prairie is not a new phenomenon. Growing up here in the 80’s and 90’s, I can attest to the fact that North Dakota youth have been hearing about this problem going back at least 30 years. This past summer, Dante Chinni with The Wall Street Journal did a feature story perpetual rural challenge, but the current flavor of the story tastes a bit...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Oh Canada, Our Funny Neighbor to the North…

Commentary: Oh Canada, Our Funny Neighbor to the North…

After a week in British Columbia, Canada, it is hard to believe we won’t need to build a wall to keep the Canadians out of the USA. Canada has socialized medicine. Canada has sales taxes that are roughly twice as high as ours. Canada has higher income taxes than us. Canada has higher gasoline taxes than us. Canada has higher tobacco taxes than us. Canada has higher liquor...

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News: How, and why, some farmers are bringing livestock back to the prairie

The way people are eating and sourcing their food is changing, and as a result, so are the farms that produce that food. More and more, consumers are attuned to concepts like animal welfare and locally sourcing. That means there’s a growing market for the farms of our grandfathers — the smaller operations with a diverse set of revenue sources, and perhaps, a more environmentally sustainable model.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: Claims that renewable energy threatens the stability of the US power grid is ludicrous

A common argument heard in North Dakota is the need to maintain coal-fired power plants because of their ability to provide the basic baseline power needs of the electrical grid. That we would attach ourselves to arguments that defend an industry important to our state is not surprising; I would say it’s a natural reaction. There is another perspective, though. This commentary from Quartz defends the modernization of...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: A New School Model Helps Rural Districts Boost Enrollment and Ensure Student Success

The challenges that come with delivering a high-quality education in a rural setting are real. Too often in our small towns, teachers and administrators are forced to continue delivering a high level of services amid a climate of declining resources. What’s the solution? In Alberta, Canada, one school administrator addressed the results by tearing down the system and rebuilding it to meet the needs of his community and...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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