#GoodTalking Minot Flood Protection & History

Commentary, News: #GoodTalking Minot Flood Protection & History

The Wednesday editions of #GoodTalkMinot featured two keystone conversations — one focused on our future, the other, our past. Watch below as Jonah Lantto and I discuss the status of the region’s flood protection efforts with SRJB and Mouse River Plan Project Administrator, Ryan Ackerman. And for our afternoon session, we were joined be long-time Minot resident and former legislator Ben Tollefson. Have a watch below, and look...

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Commentary: More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution

Many residents in Minot want to see citywide recycling, but before we invest big in the facilities and equipment, perhaps we should ask — what problem is it we’re trying to solve? One answer we’d expect to hear is we need to reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment. If that’s the case, then Matt Wilkins writing at Scientific American has a different proposal for dealing with the...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: We Need to Design the Learning Ecosystem of the Future

How do you train someone for a job that doesn’t exist yet? Whether educators know it or not, this is their job. The world is changing and pace that’s increasing exponentially, and our students will need the tools and the know how to retool on the fly. Michelle Weise writing for EdSurge shares her thoughts on the challenges ahead.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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An Illustrated Celebration of Jane Jacobs and Her Legacy of Livable Cities

Commentary: An Illustrated Celebration of Jane Jacobs and Her Legacy of Livable Cities

What makes a place remarkable? Maria Popova explores the question through an exploration of Jane Jacobs life. Her conclusion: “Out of this arises the awareness that a city, like a niche in nature, is an ecosystem. The synergy of its various human and nonhuman components — neighborhoods, parks, stores, streets, sidewalks — is what makes it thrive.”  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Opinion: The recycling game is rigged against consumers

Minot recycling has been a contentious topic of late, and for those who support the effort, there are few reasons worthy of a delay. But circumstances far beyond Minot are wreaking havoc on the pillar of American environmentalism and forcing environmentalists to think differently about the practice. And one problem that’s been identified may surprise you — we’ve been making it too easy.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Opinion: Change makes sense for Corps of Engineers

Few places have had more experience with the Corps of Engineers and flood protection than Minot, but Southern Lousiana is one place that can probably make the claim. And with experience, comes the opportunity to be constructively critical. Check out this editorial from the Daily Comet calling for a reorganization of the Corps interior related water infrastructure work.  summary by: The Minot Voice

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Imagine, Minot and the amazing technicolor elevator

Commentary: Imagine, Minot and the amazing technicolor elevator

What do you see when you look at Minot’s downtown grain elevators? For long-time Minoters, these icons of past industry have bled into Minot’s background. Sure, they’re there, but how many of us see them anymore? That’s a shame. What would it take to turn your eyes up to them? What would it take to make you notice them again? Better yet, what would it take to make...

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#TrollsMatter — Not One More Bridge!

Commentary: #TrollsMatter — Not One More Bridge!

Two summers ago, we rebuilt the 4th Avenue Bridge near Oak Park. Last summer and this summer, we’re reconstructing the Broadway Bridge. Yes, both bridges seem like sturdy constructions; I’ve got no reason to doubt their structural integrity. I even like the way they look. But I’ve still got a question that concerns me deeply — where the hell are the trolls? We call ourselves the ‘Magic City’,...

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Minot Rising: This is Job Creation Part II

Business, Commentary: Minot Rising: This is Job Creation Part II

Have you noticed Minot rising? The signs are difficult to see; they don’t reveal themselves on the day-to-day scale, but if you step back and take a wider look, they emerge from the minutia. Scroll below to see what I’m seeing. Each investment represents jobs. Each investment represents risk. Each investment represents confidence in Minot’s future. Remember Prairie Sky Breads? They were the topic of an earlier ‘This...

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And for our next magic trick…

Commentary: And for our next magic trick…

Magic. How do you define it? It’s a more important Minot question than you might guess. First, we are the ‘Magic’ City. When the Great Northern Railroad finished its 1886 construction season and stopped for the winter, it stopped in our valley. The town sprung up overnight — as if by magic. We earned our nickname early. Second and more recently, we have this little thing called the ‘MAGIC’...

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