#GoodTalkMinot – Middle-earth and Park District 5-Year Planning

Commentary, News: #GoodTalkMinot – Middle-earth and Park District 5-Year Planning

What do Middle-earth, the mythological realm of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Minot Park District’s 5-year planning process have in common? They’re both topics of this week’s #GoodTalkMinot conversations. On our first hour we’re joined by Director Kena Davidson and Actor Cade Solberg. Out topic: the Magic City Playmaker’s upcoming production of The Hobbit. Watch below to hear a few tricks of the theater trade, what it’s like to catch...

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Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a free bag

Commentary: Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a free bag

If you weren’t aware, a group of passionate Minot citizens appealed to Minot’s City Council to take up the issue of single-use plastic — particularly disposable plastic bags. After months of information gathering and taking public comment, the group offered several recommendations intended to curb consumption. One of the primary recommendations is a 10-cent tax on plastic bags. The theory with a tax is that it will reduce use...

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MSU student life and contributions and entrepreneurship and innovation in the energy sector

Commentary: MSU student life and contributions and entrepreneurship and innovation in the energy sector

GoodTalk Minot is a weekly collaboration between myself and Jonah Lantto of The Good Talk Network. Our focus: Minot and the people that make it interesting and keep it moving. This past week’s conversations featured the President of Minot State Student Government, Aaron Richard, and one of the founders of the region’s fastest-growing energy sector service companies, Kevin Black of Creedence Energy Services. Find and follow the #GoodTalk...

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Bismarck’s downtown market analysis to identify business gaps is a call to action for Minot

Commentary, News: Bismarck’s downtown market analysis to identify business gaps is a call to action for Minot

Over the past year, Minot’s been host to a ton of conversation about downtown. Both the future of the area and its role as a part of our larger economic engine feature significantly in the City’s International Economic Development Council report delivered last summer. Applecart-upsetting, table-turning, they’re both adjectives that could be used to describe the some of the recommendations in the IEDC report. Taking those recommendations to...

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Let’s be proud of this, and let’s call it The Igloo!

Commentary: Let’s be proud of this, and let’s call it The Igloo!

It’s back for its second season. Gaze North across the valley, and you’ll notice it; it’s the giant white marshmallow-like structure near the college. We call it the Air Supported Dome — it’s an accurate if not particularly catchy name. And from my perspective, it’s hard to imagine the community getting better bang for our local dollar in seeing it realized. I bring up the ‘bang for buck’...

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Details on Deer Season

Commentary, News: Details on Deer Season

While North Dakota’s 2018 deer gun season continues through Nov. 25, it still generates a fair amount of questions and conversation preseason, midseason and postseason. First off, this year’s deer hunting season did open later than what a lot of people think is normal. The traditional deer opener for more than three decades has been the Friday before Nov. 11. That means the range for the deer opener,...

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Commentary: Are capricious state regulators contributing to ND’s child care shortage?

Childcare is and has been a continuing challenge in our communities. From a labor perspective, we’ve got a shortage of workers, and one key to entering the workforce is having confidence in where we leave our kids. In this commentary in the Grand Forks Herald, Rob Port argues that the State’s licensing and regulatory agency for childcare providers is setting arbitrary standards that are bottlenecking access to childcare...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: How America Will Turn Itself Around?

While a growing minority of us pick which side of the line (on any given issue) to stand on, there’s another group of people losing trust in all of it. Perhaps instead of choosing sides and, thus, who to distrust, we start listening to those who are watching our larger trends? What they’re seeing is a renaissance in civic revival. If you want to hear more, listen here.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: A Quiet, Country Life in the Middle of the City?

A home in the country — it’s a long-standing commonly held goal among many of us. We want the peace, tranquility, privacy. But it’s a desire in conflict with another common goal — vibrant, engaged, communities. It’s hard to have both. But in Savannah, Georgia, a set of colliding circumstances created a place that captures both. Is there a model here worth copying? Have a read at Strong...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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#GoodTalking Minot Flood Protection & History

Commentary, News: #GoodTalking Minot Flood Protection & History

The Wednesday editions of #GoodTalkMinot featured two keystone conversations — one focused on our future, the other, our past. Watch below as Jonah Lantto and I discuss the status of the region’s flood protection efforts with SRJB and Mouse River Plan Project Administrator, Ryan Ackerman. And for our afternoon session, we were joined be long-time Minot resident and former legislator Ben Tollefson. Have a watch below, and look...

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Commentary: More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution

Many residents in Minot want to see citywide recycling, but before we invest big in the facilities and equipment, perhaps we should ask — what problem is it we’re trying to solve? One answer we’d expect to hear is we need to reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment. If that’s the case, then Matt Wilkins writing at Scientific American has a different proposal for dealing with the...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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