Commentary: Opioid epidemic forces us into new territory   source: Minot Daily News  

In today’s Minot Daily editorial, Mike Sasses, editor of the Minot Daily provides some perspective on the new challenges created by opioid and drug abuse that’s more and more prevalent. When a judge has to consider whether granting someone bond may endanger their own life, we know we have a difficult problem to solve. Read the full editorial by following the source link.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

If you release fish, here are some tips on how to do it well!

Commentary, Learn: If you release fish, here are some tips on how to do it well!

I’ve always preferred simple tackle for fishing – bobbers, jigs, spoons and hooks – though I’m not categorically against using the latest legal tools and technology. I call it low impact angling. Some call it bobbers and worms. Whatever you declare, it’s more about enjoying fish and less about trophy angling, no matter the cost. You can find fish – I bet we’ve all seen bluegills shading themselves […]

Commentary: Using the arts to think bigger   source: InForum  

The Executive Director of Fargo’s The Arts Partnership is on a new mission to turn the entire Fargo community into an arts incubator. And in doing so, she believes the entire community from citizens to students and businesses to non-profits will benefit.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

Hi, my name is America, and I have a problem

Commentary: Hi, my name is America, and I have a problem

It is common knowledge that the USA is the greatest country on earth. It is very hard for me to dispute that as a fact because to do so would be less than graceful. The USA has been very good to me. It has provided me with a wonderful public education system which was subsidized by the taxpayers. It has provided me with a lifetime living in a […]

Commentary: How Students Say Colleges Should Change   source: EdSurge  

There’s been a lot of talk here in North Dakota about the need for higher education evolve. In this article from EdSurge, an interviewer sat down with three college-age students and asked them how they think higher education needs to change. The article is worth a read, the answers sound familiar — education needs less parrot instruction and more teaching of problem solving.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

Commentary, News: The most forward-thinking, future-proof college in America teaches every student the exact same stuff   source: Quartz  

There are few debates raging more loudly in North Dakota and nationally than the one over higher education, its value, and its future. But one college has maintained it’s role and is now emerging as a leader in producing capable students, and they’ve done so by through strict adhearance to an old-fashioned idea, the classical, liberal arts education. Read the commentary on an old approach to a new […]

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

Crowded Waters Require Courteous Boaters

Commentary: Crowded Waters Require Courteous Boaters

No matter where in North Dakota you call home, finding a place to wet a line or relax on a boating excursion is not too far away. It’s kind of an interesting thought, as the state has more waters than ever to use for all recreation, and we also have more people registering watercraft than ever before as well. In some way, you could say supply and demand […]

Maybe a Democrat in the middle is good for North Dakota

Commentary: Maybe a Democrat in the middle is good for North Dakota

In today’s angry polarized political environment, I watch my good friend, Heidi Heitkamp being pilloried by the right as being too liberal and the left for being too conservative. To old school politicos such as myself, that tells me that she is probably doing a good job. The Democratic party, even in its hay day, was never all that liberal. The cooperatives, which the hard right compares to […]

What is Progress?

Commentary: What is Progress?

The latest episode of The Good Talk Minot (@thegoodtalk), Jonah Lantto (@jonah_j_lantto) and I dive into the summer line-ups for Arts in the Parks and MSU Summer Theater’s 52nd season. And to close out, the conversation shifts to what is progress? It’s a wily question and not nearly as easy to answer as you might imagine. Have a listen below, find and follow The Good Talk Network for […]

Good Talk Minot #4: Fleshing out the Water Balloon Debacle

Commentary: Good Talk Minot #4: Fleshing out the Water Balloon Debacle

In episode #4 of The Good Talk Minot, Jonah Lantto of The Good Talk Network and I discuss the now-in-the-past water balloon debacle of 2017. If you’re unfamiliar with the incident, you can get a refresher from this Minot Daily article. The conversation helped me flesh out my thinking on the topic. Here’s where I landed: We need policies in place to act as a guide for people and […]

How do we retain talent? We can start by supporting it!

Commentary: How do we retain talent? We can start by supporting it!

I hope you caught the Minot Daily’s editorial a couple days ago on retaining talent. If you didn’t, go back and read it. In my mind, this is one of the bigger must-solve challenges facing Minot. North Dakota ingenuity, common sense, and our remarkable work ethic are BY FAR the most valuable commodities we produce, and it’s a shame that we export so much of it to other […]

On Becoming Informed, Minot, and Public Service

Commentary: On Becoming Informed, Minot, and Public Service

On May 24th I attended a candidate forum for the candidates running for Minot City Council. It was sponsored by the Minot Daily News which I credit for its dedication to community awareness. Although the attendance was pretty good, I suspect the questions were not as detailed or as expansive as those asked by the Minot Voice at this site. I also suspect that many more individuals checked […]