Tax & Spend or Borrow & Spend? Or Reject the Premise?

Commentary: Tax & Spend or Borrow & Spend? Or Reject the Premise?

I am very possibly of the minority when it comes to public opinion, but nonetheless in the mainstream with the opinions of the majority of credible economists. If there are tax reductions by Congress, it will in all probability stimulate the economy at least over the short term. A tax decrease would also be popular because taxes in and of themselves are inherently unpopular. That said, tax decreases...

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Commentary: Why North Dakotans should welcome diversity

A couple months back, the Forum editorial staff took aim at the idea of diversity within our culture. The final paragraph, sums on a set of strong arguments. “Easy to overlook, these are reminders that we should celebrate our increasing ethnic and social diversity, not seek to wind back the clock and pretend that we don’t live in a world with increasing global connections, with a society that...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: How we recruited over 50 candidates to run for office in Greenwich, Connecticut

Here in North Dakota, most readers of this article will need to withhold judgment after reading the first sentence. If you can do that, you’ll read an inspired call to action to get serious about local government and civic engagement. There’s little we can do to shape the larger, divisive political rhetoric, but locally, there are many opportunities to make a difference.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: Enlisting Educators in the War Against Prescription Drug Abuse

The opioid epidemic is not unique to Minot; it’s a nationwide problem. And the solutions aren’t simple either. But in the opinion of Tammy Wincup of Everfi, one tool we should be using is an education curriculum that empowers and educates students about the dangers of prescription drugs. It’s worth a read, Everfi may even be a resource that we should be pursuing in Minot.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty

If your personal information was compromised by the data breach at Equifax, hopefully you’ve been notified and are taking steps to protect yourself. And if you were impacted, there’s no doubt the situation has been more than a little inconvenient. And all of it speaks to what standard of corporate responsibility Equifax should be held to. For Ron Fein writing at Wired, the breach is egregious and should...  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Commentary: We Need to Kick our Addiction to Plastic

With Minot’s recycling program recently delayed, it may be prudent to consider policy changes that hasten our arrival in the land of environmental stewardship. At least, that’s the perspective presented by Ayana Johnson writing commentary — though not specifically about Minot — at Scientific American.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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How many more?

Commentary: How many more?

People often question my judgment for vacationing in Mexico during our cold North Dakota winters. They question how safe it is to be in Mexico because of the murders down there by the various competing drug cartels. The persons in the Mexican drug culture, from my perspective, seem to be killing each other and for the most part don’t seem to be very interested in killing old gringos...

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So, you’re pissed about your City taxes going up? Me too

Commentary: So, you’re pissed about your City taxes going up? Me too

Sometimes, maybe the best you can do is to make everyone angry. With three months on the job as a member of City Council and now a budget under my belt, that’s my ‘lesson learned’ at this point. And boy was that budget a doozy. If you’re not familiar with what’s coming your way, I won’t interpret your failure to contact me with your thoughts as tacit approval;...

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Oh Canada, Our Funny Neighbor to the North…

Commentary: Oh Canada, Our Funny Neighbor to the North…

After a week in British Columbia, Canada, it is hard to believe we won’t need to build a wall to keep the Canadians out of the USA. Canada has socialized medicine. Canada has sales taxes that are roughly twice as high as ours. Canada has higher income taxes than us. Canada has higher gasoline taxes than us. Canada has higher tobacco taxes than us. Canada has higher liquor...

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Cold Feet on the Eve of Budgeting for Recycling

Commentary: Cold Feet on the Eve of Budgeting for Recycling

I wonder what would happen if those of us in government made a deal with the taxpayers and citizens; here’s the framework: as our part of the deal, we in government offer to be smart and resourceful with our dollars and spend them as an investment in a worthwhile outcome. In return, we the taxpayers and citizens agree to be more conscientious of our behavior and willing to...

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