Commentary, News: Help Grand Forks streets pass ‘Coffee Cup Test’   source: Grand Forks Herald  

Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown has taken up the general mission of ‘doing it better’, and one of the first places he’s starting is on the roads in Grand Forks. And an accidentally created litmus test is his newest tool. It’s one part of a larger commentary where Mayor Brown provides a little direct communication to the Grand Forks citizens on his efforts as Mayor.

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On health care and everything else, the path to compromise is available

Commentary: On health care and everything else, the path to compromise is available

Contrary to most, I was not surprised that Congress has failed to repeal and replace “Obamacare”. “Repeal and Replace” has been the unifying slogan of the Republican party since 2009. That slogan may have become fact except for one minor detail. Like the Democratic party, the Republican party is merely a coalition of various diverse factions. Political parties have historically been bottom up rather than top down organizations. […]

Commentary, News: In Crookston, Housing and economic development organizations combine   source: Grand Forks Herald  

The challenges and methods for dealing with those challenges of cities across the region is strikingly similar. Job creation and economic growth are challenges that nearly every smaller community deals with, and in Crookston, MN, they’ve been managing those efforts from two different organizations. But a lack of resources and overlapping missions forced them into a situation where joining forces was the best decision. Quick Commentary: this is […]

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Commentary: Grand Forks recruitment campaigns are overdue   source: Grand Forks Herald  

The news on this topic is just above. Basically, the political sub divisions around Grand Forks are combining their efforts to frame the region in a more positive light. And the effort got the attention of the Herald’s editorial staff. In short, they like the idea.

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Commentary: Claims that renewable energy threatens the stability of the US power grid is ludicrous   source: Quartz  

A common argument heard in North Dakota is the need to maintain coal-fired power plants because of their ability to provide the basic baseline power needs of the electrical grid. That we would attach ourselves to arguments that defend an industry important to our state is not surprising; I would say it’s a natural reaction. There is another perspective, though. This commentary from Quartz defends the modernization of […]

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Commentary: Our economic future depends on storytellers   source: Quartz  

Heard a good story lately? It’s kind of a trick question, because if you did, you may not even know it. Storytelling is a time-honored art form, but we’re just now discovering the relevance it has to what we think, who we trust, and how we act. And our ability to spin a yarn may just be the key to success in an economy that is rapidly evolving […]

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Let’s get started on rail relocation

Commentary: Let’s get started on rail relocation

One of the reasons The Minot Voice focuses on news from other areas is because it’s rare that a community like Minot confronts a wholly new and unique problem. Whatever our challenge, and we have plenty, there are good odds that some community somewhere has faced a similar challenge. And the more we read around, the more likely we are to find outside ideas and solutions that match […]

The questions that come to mind from a courtroom squabble

Commentary: The questions that come to mind from a courtroom squabble

I was out of state on vacation the week of July 4th. Upon my return, it was interesting to note an unprecedented media controversy involving the Ward County State’s Attorney’s office and Judge Stacey Louser. As a former Ward County Assistant State’s Attorney and a former criminal defense lawyer (including murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter), the media controversy piqued my attention. I have inadequate information to have drawn […]

When it come to flood protection in Scotland, a wall makes a nice canvas

Commentary, News: When it come to flood protection in Scotland, a wall makes a nice canvas

With $330 million as our local cost for flood protection, there’s no distance too far to look when it comes to searching out good ideas that may tie into the project in some way. And though this idea isn’t directly related to saving life and property, it may be a way to enhance the project. If you’ve driven by the water treatment plant on 16th St. SW, you […]

Commentary: The Time Is Right for a Debate About Closing Down Some of North Dakota’s Universities   source: Say Anything  

Rob Port at Say Anything Blog comments on a growing group of people talking about the need to reform and reevaluate the way and where of how North Dakota does higher education. His reform concept — close down a few of the state’s colleges and universities. That argument will no doubt trigger a debate, which is exactly what we need to have if we’re going to stay relevant […]

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