Environmental Tips and Wishes from Minot Residents

Commentary: Environmental Tips and Wishes from Minot Residents

Happy Week After Earth Day!  I hope that everyone is able to be outside to enjoy the beautiful weather in our beautiful community 🙂 I recently asked members of the Environmentally Minded People of Minot group on Facebook what environmental knowledge they would want to share with residents of Minot to help them live a lifestyle that has a smaller environmental impact on our community, country, and world....

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Car Charging Conundrums!

Opinion: Car Charging Conundrums!

It finally happened today.  I saw a Tesla electric car in Minot, North Dakota!  I met it at a stop light making a left hand turn. We shared a moment.  You see, I would love to have a Tesla vehicle. They drive like a luxury car, have the interior of a high end sports car, and don’t emit any CO2 or harmful by-products to our environment when they...

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The role of bucking the trend in building a resilient culture

Commentary: The role of bucking the trend in building a resilient culture

Here in Minot, we’ve received an enormous investment from the federal government to improve our resilience in the face of natural disasters. And in the wake of 2011, it’s clear we are each of us resilient individuals. But what about our culture? How do we ensure the less tangible qualities of the Minot community develop resilience? Here’s a management concept that may be relevant. It’s framed in the...

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What is truth?

Commentary: What is truth?

When faced with the question of, ‘to trust or not to trust’ — the information being conveyed, the credentials of the speaker, and the hard data do not matter as much as how closely we identify with the person talking to us.

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It is Time to Bag the Bag

Commentary: It is Time to Bag the Bag

Single-use plastic bags have been an important part of the development of our culture. They are a cheap and effective manner of transporting food from the grocery or convenience store. They are low in cost and high in flexibility. They even protect cars from melting ice cream and condensation from cold items on a summer day. But after we use them, where do they go?

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Leaning Against the Majority on Hens and Snakes

Commentary: Leaning Against the Majority on Hens and Snakes

Tomorrow night at Minot’s special City Council meeting, I’m leaning towards allowing snakes as pets and backyard hens. And if my support ends up in those columns, it would be in spite of what I consider a majority of public input that’s opposed to both. So, with that being the case — me likely voting against a majority of public input, I thought it appropriate to share my...

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Pitbull Potpourri & Where this Council Member is Leaning

Commentary: Pitbull Potpourri & Where this Council Member is Leaning

Last month I wrote about the fact that I do think pit bulls — as a breed — represent a danger to public safety. It’s because when they bite people, they often do more damage than when other breeds bite people. And with that in mind, I think it’s appropriate for City Council to address that risk and look for ways to mitigate it. But, is a pit...

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Recycling in Minot… Where’s it at?

Commentary: Recycling in Minot… Where’s it at?

In case you didn’t know, the City of Minot had a plan to begin recycling this year. The first phase of the plan was automated garbage pick-up; that got done last summer. The second phase was building a transfer station at a cost of about $2.5 million; that was scheduled to begin about now. The third phase was to distribute another cart and begin picking up recyclable material...

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Who’s Going to Capitalize on the North Dakota/NAFTA Talking Point?

Commentary: Who’s Going to Capitalize on the North Dakota/NAFTA Talking Point?

In November of 2017, two studies were made public regarding the effect of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) were it to be repealed. One study was done by BMO Capital Markets and the other by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The third most vulnerable state were NAFTA to be repealed would be North Dakota. The two most vulnerable states are Michigan and Wisconsin. The other states...

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