Business: Great minds don’t think alike: How creativity and cognitive diversity fuel business greatness

Creativity is the straw that stirs the drink that makes the organization successful. So say 1,500 CEOs interviewed for an IBM study. It seems like the value of the artists and the not-so-standard thinkers is on the rise and gaining respect in boardrooms across the country. A community at the front of the wave would be wise to attract the important cog in the machine.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Minot Rising: This is Job Creation Part II

Business, Commentary: Minot Rising: This is Job Creation Part II

Have you noticed Minot rising? The signs are difficult to see; they don’t reveal themselves on the day-to-day scale, but if you step back and take a wider look, they emerge from the minutia. Scroll below to see what I’m seeing. Each investment represents jobs. Each investment represents risk. Each investment represents confidence in Minot’s future. Remember Prairie Sky Breads? They were the topic of an earlier ‘This...

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Business, News: Small towns find ways to keep grocery stores going

It’s been said that schools are the heart of small towns, and if that’s the case, it may be that grocery stores are the centers of commerce. And as rural North Dakota demographics change, some small towns are finding creative ways to keep their local grocery stores afloat. Check out the story from the West Fargo Pioneer.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Business, News: Fargo employers discuss ways to keep employee gatherings relevant and effective

Kill the meeting! Well, not completely, but Fargo employers are adapting to new ways of thinking and one of the old ideas that’s slowly going the way of the dodo bird — staff get-togethers. It turns out that meeting for meeting sake is a great way to kill morale and stifle productivity. Business owners take note!  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Shakeup at IRET Results in Leadership Transition to Minneapolis

Business, News: Shakeup at IRET Results in Leadership Transition to Minneapolis

One of Minot’s larger employers, IRET, is going through a company transition that will result in significant operating changes. In a news release available on the IRET website, the company announced the retirement and pending retirement of several top executives. In addition to the personnel shakeup, the company also announced that those filling new leadership roles will headquarter in Minneapolis. Here’s the quote from the news release: Mr. Decker, Mr....

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Connect Minot in a Minot Minute

Business: Connect Minot in a Minot Minute

Connect Minot is a monthly meet-up for the entrepreneurially-minded among us. It’s a chance to learn about new businesses setting up in Minot and quiz business owners on the methods, challenges, and rewards that come with running a business. If you’re the type that likes to learn from the experience of others, this is a great opportunity! Here’s organizer Lorena Starkey talking about this Wednesday’s event. If you didn’t...

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Business: Experts tell Fargo audience Bakken is set for a comeback

The Fargo Chamber of Commerce hosted a couple Bakken-vested business leaders at recent breakfast gathering and the message they delivered was one ringing with optimism. Kathy Neset of Neset Consulting and Rob Lindberg, Director of Bakken Backers suggest the numbers tell the story, and it’s one still full of unrealized potential. In the Bakken, we’ve drilled around 13,000 of an expected 40,000 to 70,000 wells.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Business: Shoe retailer Payless files for bankruptcy; hundreds of stores expected to close

Another day and another story of a major national retailing filing for bankruptcy. The economic disruption caused by the Internet and online retailers like Amazon is just starting to ripple through our communities in a manner we can see and touch. No word yet on if Minot’s Payless ShoeSource will be among the 400 stores expected to close immediately.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Gordmans will stay open in Minot and other ND Cities

Business, News: Gordmans will stay open in Minot and other ND Cities

Gordmans filed for bankruptcy protection in March, and as that process moves forward we’re learning more about the future of the store. Now, Forum News Services is reporting that four North Dakota stores, including the one in Minot, will stay open. Houston-based retailer, Stage Stores, acquired the properties and will continue operating them and other selected stores within the Gordmans system.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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Business, Commentary: To build an amazing team, look for people who challenge you

It’s relevant commentary as the citizens of Minot take up the conversation of choosing the team that will lead the City this June. It turns out there is a roadmap to choosing a management make-up that consistently delivers results, and though the correlation with civic government isn’t perfect, but there are some concepts to worth noting.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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