City hires special counsel to assist with parking structure issues

News: City hires special counsel to assist with parking structure issues

The City of Minot has hired special counsel to assist with potential legal issues concerning the two downtown parking structures. The City Council approved on Tuesday the hiring of Dorsey & Whitney. The firm is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., and currently represents the City on bond sales and pension issues. “It’s time for the City to look more closely at all of its legal options in protecting its […]

News: River Management Changes Still Years Away – Story | North Dakota   source: KX News  

If you’re up to speed on Minot’s flood protection efforts, you’ve probably heard the term ‘parallel tracks’. That language describes the project’s sponsors attempt to improve flood protection through multiple efforts. One is the infrastructure project in Minot, another is the river management aspect that requires reworking an international agreement between Canada and the U.S. Jim Olson has the story on the prospects of moving forward on the river […]

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News: No raises for North Dakota college presidents, chancellor   source: InForum  

The tough budget times are being felt across all levels of government, and the Board of Higher Education has caught wind of the belt-tightening sentiment. At a meeting in Fargo on Tuesday, the Board voted to freeze wages for all the state’s university system executives and college presidents. A contract extension was also granted to NDSU President Dean Bresciani.

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Trinity finalizing costs, preparing for financing on new hospital

News: Trinity finalizing costs, preparing for financing on new hospital   source: Minot Daily News  

Trinity’s new hospital planned for Southwest Minot is still moving forward despite the seeming inactivity. A contractor change and a design revision needed to bring the cost down to an estimated $275-$295 million; Trinity leaders expect sell bonds to finance the project this fall and begin construction next spring.

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News: Burgum declares statewide fire, drought emergency   source: Bismarck Tribune  

Governor Burgum declared a statewide drought emergency; the action allows the National Guard to be activated if necessary. “These conditions present a serious threat to the health and safety of local area citizens and their personal property,” Burgum said in a statement. “Significant manpower and equipment will be required for response and recovery operations.”

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News: Fargo library hosts city department series starting June 28   source: InForum  

The City of Fargo is using the local library to get the word out on what they do. A four-part presentation series will feature the City’s department heads educating the general public about the City’s operations and give citizens a chance to get more involved with their local government.

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News: US Supreme Court decision redefines the line between church and state   source: Quartz  

The doctrine of separation of church and state in American is embedded deeply into our culture. But where and how we separate the two will now likely change as the result of a U.S. Supreme Court decision. Quartz has the story on the case and the implications of the ruling.

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News: Seattle’s minimum-wage increase made the most vulnerable workers poorer   source: Quartz  

In the battle for a higher minimum wage, the logic seems clear; raise wages for the lowest earners among us to bring them closer to a living wage. It’s great in intention, but it would now seem that in real world practice, it doesn’t play out that way. Seattle has gone through two significant minimum wage raises since 2015, and the data is starting to bear out. Yes, […]

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News: Oil country eases into break from frantic growth   source: Star Tribune  

Did the oil bust in Western North Dakota? Though we all know it slowed down, it doesn’t seem like ‘bust’ is the correct description. And the same can be said for at least some of the outside media coverage of North Dakota’s new oil reality. This article is passed along to get a sense of what others are saying about us out here.

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News: Grand Forks City fees, projected tax revenue up in budget draft for a ‘pinching year’   source: Grand Forks Herald  

There’s been a lot of talk in Minot this spring about how 2018 local budgets are going to be difficult ones. Decreasing revenue, the end of a state property tax buy down, and the need to fund flood protection will create a pinch. In Grand Forks, they’re feeling similar pressure and the working meetings to address the challenges have started.

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News: In Duluth, Sump pump, line inspections will be mandatory before home sales   source: Grand Forks Herald  

Does your sump pump drain out onto the street as it’s supposed to or does the water get put into a household drain and added to the City’s sanitary sewer system? In Duluth, various municipalities are taking steps to make sure homeowners are in compliance. The Grand Forks Herald hast the story.

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