Great Performances: Guns N’ Roses Covered by Traditional Finnish Band

Well, traditional Finnish band may be a stretch. But the instruments at least look traditional. The band is Steve ‘N’ Seagulls. The song is “You Could Mine” originally by Guns N’ Roses. And this isn’t the first look at these guys on The Minot Voice. The “November Rain” cover was perhaps more remarkable. And that our Scandinavian second cousins are producing musicians and music of this variety invites...

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Postmodern Jukebox Takes on Cheap Trick

Great Performances: Postmodern Jukebox Takes on Cheap Trick

The song is “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick, but you’ve never heard it quite like this. Beyond the extraordinary musicianship and arrangements, the beauty of P.M.J. is they force us to experience something we know in a new way. Perhaps more importantly, in this setting, we’re rarely threatened by that new idea and experience. We may not always like it as much as the original,...

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Watch: Incredible and Terrifying Nature on the Galapagos Islands

News, O.T.I.: Watch: Incredible and Terrifying Nature on the Galapagos Islands

What you’re about to watch may be the most incredible thing you’ll see on the Internet this year. It’s teaser footage from the BBC’s Planet Earth II filmed on the Galapagos Islands. But be careful, it may be difficult to watch if you have a strong fear of snakes, and if you’re watching at the office or in mixed company, be prepared — you may instinctively start yelling “run”. And...

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PBA: Watch Gentle giant polar bear cuddles up with dog in Churchill

News, P.B.A.: PBA: Watch Gentle giant polar bear cuddles up with dog in Churchill

Each October and November, polar bears gather in the hundreds near Churchill Manitoba to await the winter formation of ice that allows them to head back to hunting grounds. And for one resident who breeds sled dogs outside of town, that season has led to an unusual relationship between the dogs and the bears. Just watch in the two videos below. And for more, check out this story...

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Nostalgic for Yesteryear? PMJ’s Santeria Will Take You Back to the 1940s

Great Performances: Nostalgic for Yesteryear? PMJ’s Santeria Will Take You Back to the 1940s

  Post Modern Jukebox takes modern pop music and rearranges it. Their latest offering is below, and it’s a version of Sublime’s Santeria in the style of 1940’s big band. They’re a regular feature on The Minot Voice because they force us to hear a different perspective, but they do it in a way that we’re likely to accept and appreciate.

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The Cost of Independence

The Minot Blog: The Cost of Independence

As we gathered to celebrate Independence Day 2016, I spent spending some time thinking about the price of independence for people with disabilities. It can be really hard to put a quantifiable number on how much people with disabilities who live independently in the community save society, because you often time find yourself trying to show they are not taking advantage of services and assistance that they may...

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#MakeMinot Launches ‘Yes’ Campaign for June 14 Reform Vote

News, The Minot Blog: #MakeMinot Launches ‘Yes’ Campaign for June 14 Reform Vote

As #MakeMinot, we’ve formally launched our campaign to vote ‘Yes’ on City Council reform at the June 14th Primary Election. The full news release follows below. — Official News Release, #MakeMinot — A group organized to advocate City Council reform in Minot has announced their campaign to support a ‘Yes’ vote on a reform question that’s been placed on the ballot at the upcoming primary election. On June...

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