Survey: How Will You Spend Election Night?

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Just think, 20 years from now we’ll all be able to look back on the 2016 election and tell youngsters all about what politics used to be like. And if this is the election for the ages, then we want to know how you’re going to spend it. And hey, if you can’t laugh, you might cry. Laughing is more fun; that’s what the poll below is for. […]

Pointless, But Awesome: Daniel LaRusso is the Real Bully in The Karate Kid

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  In the bizarro world constructed by J. Matthew Turner, one of the 80’s iconic movie characters is actually a passive-aggressive bully in disguise. If you weren’t born between the years 1972 and 1982, it’s probably best to just ignore this, but if you were — consider this your daily dose of pointless, but awesome. And for an altogether too witty introduction, check out this article on Salon.

Laugh: : We Are Now At the Point In This Argument Where I Realize I Am Wrong   source: McSweeney's  

The creative writing forum that is McSweeney’s delivers yet another piece of long-form satire. This one from Jacob Rosenberg on how to win at arguing on the Internet or any other place is an entertaining peak at the human condition. Expect some colorful language.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky

Commentary, Laugh: : A Surprisingly Fascinating Theory for why Canada is so Boring   source: Vox  

I disagree with the primary tenet of this title; I didn’t write it either. But if you’re Canadian and want to laugh and think a little about what makes Canada Canadian, one journalist thinks it’s an intentionally crafted national identity of carefully cultivated boringness.

Summary by: Josh Wolsky