Minot Rising: This is Job Creation Part II

Business, Commentary: Minot Rising: This is Job Creation Part II

Have you noticed Minot rising? The signs are difficult to see; they don’t reveal themselves on the day-to-day scale, but if you step back and take a wider look, they emerge from the minutia. Scroll below to see what I’m seeing. Each investment represents jobs. Each investment represents risk. Each investment represents confidence in Minot’s future. Remember Prairie Sky Breads? They were the topic of an earlier ‘This...

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The untold good news story of America today; rise of the local political class

News: The untold good news story of America today; rise of the local political class

This is Minot. The optimism shaping American towns and cities is overwhelming the national political negativity. The article is rich with quotes, here’s one: “So we are about to see a burst of institutional innovation and private investment in the US which will take New Localism to a whole other level.” Follow the link to the BBC to read the whole article.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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News: The story on Minot is changing

A key to Minot’s success is what other people and other places are saying about us. Word of mouth works for communities the same way it does for businesses — it’s the reference that matters most. And the conversations about Minot taking place in other places are starting to change in a good way. This article from The Economist is evidence.  summary by: Josh Wolsky

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And for our next magic trick…

Commentary: And for our next magic trick…

Magic. How do you define it? It’s a more important Minot question than you might guess. First, we are the ‘Magic’ City. When the Great Northern Railroad finished its 1886 construction season and stopped for the winter, it stopped in our valley. The town sprung up overnight — as if by magic. We earned our nickname early. Second and more recently, we have this little thing called the ‘MAGIC’...

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Minot, Let’s call it Diagon Alley

Commentary: Minot, Let’s call it Diagon Alley

When was the last time you went for a drink at the Blue Rider? If it’s been a while, put it on your ‘to do’ list. When you go, take a moment to walk across the street and check out the buildings and the well-hidden diagonal alley along the railroad tracks. It’s not much to look at right now so be careful about muttering your thoughts out loud,...

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#GoodTalkMinot Mayoral Candidate Interviews

News: #GoodTalkMinot Mayoral Candidate Interviews

Over the past week, Jonah Lantto and I sat down with each City Council candidate to talk Minot issues. Watch the interviews below. On June 12, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for one of these individuals. Shaun Sipma Tim Mihalick Upate: In the initial publication of this post, the embed code for another candidate was inadvertently posted twice. This post has been updated to reflect the proper...

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