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Survey: 2016 State of Minot – Part I

Take a few minutes to share your thoughts on the issues that are most important in Minot at the start of 2016.


Raising the Questions… Some Ideas on What We Should Be Asking Those Seeking Local Office

Minot’s election season swings into full gear tonight with the first of a couple of community forums focused on getting to know our local candidates. Tonight the event is at the Auditorium and is hosted by #MakeMinot. Next Tuesday is the second chance, with the Minot Daily News and the […]


Watch: Discussions on Oil Should Reflect the Nuance of Such a Critical Industry

In North Dakota, we’re an understandably oil-friendly state. And that’s a good thing because we need oil. But do we occasionally let the rhetoric of black or white political discourse on the topic shape our opinions and policy? Perhaps our discussions on the in-other-places-controversial industry could stand to embrace a bit more […]

Minot Woman Wins Fargo Marathon

A Minot woman won the Fargo Marathon over the weekend. Semehar Tesfaye ran the event in the record time of 2 hours, 37 minutes, 27 seconds. Read the full story on the Fargo Forum.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


Don’t Worry About the Bears at the Zoo, They Can Take Care of Themselves

Two men were arrested on Saturday night for Criminal Trespass following an incident at the Roosevelt Park Zoo. The circumstances of the arrest involve an unfortunate degree of bear-human interaction. Read the full news release below. — Official News Release, Minot Police Department — At 11:38 PM on May 21st, […]


Live Music: Roy Orbison Meets Mumford & Sons this Weekend in Minot

Well, actually they’re known as The Social Animals, and if you listen, you’ll hear deep roots in American music. They’re Minnesota raised and now Nashville-based, and they’ve been regular visitors to Minot over the past few years. But as their popularity grows, they’re going to be harder and harder to […]


Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Sick Puppies & More Released Today!

Construction is progressing at a pretty good pace.  A lot of work has been done this week.  But I’d like to just reiterate that the businesses downtown hear people say “I’m not coming back downtown until all this construction is done.”  Just remember that if you wait, your favorite store […]

voice: Budget Music & Video


Read Now: City of Minot on Mandatory Water Restriction

Users of Minot’s municipal water are being instructed to restrict water usage. This restriction is for any outdoor use such as lawn watering or car washing. Effective Friday, May 20th, this restriction will include, in addition to lawn watering and personal car washing, any commercial car washing or irrigation use. […]

voice: City of Minot


Join us at Roosevelt Park for the Fourth of July Festival

The Fourth of July Festival is back in the Magic City! Join us at Roosevelt Park on July 4th for a great day celebrating America. Purchase of a Wristband includes: Admission to the Roosevelt Park Pool Adults will receive half priced admission to the Roosevelt Park Zoo at $4.50 Children […]

voice: Minot Park District

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