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Atmosphere Releases A New Album & Our Block Of Main Street Is Open!

The BIG news this week is that after  three months and four days(!?!) our block was finally opened to the public!  That means that you can park on our block!  It’s that much easier to stop down and see us and our Downtown neighbors! Here’s what’s new in the music […]

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Blackfoot, Helix, Jackyl, Skillet & More Released Today! Plus Road News!

GOOD NEWS everybody!  It seems that our block will be open to the public starting this coming Monday!!!  After a very stress full three months and change this street opening is welcome news indeed!  This will make getting to us and our wonderful neighbors much easier! We’d also like to […]

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Bouncing Souls, Modest Mouse & More Released Today!

Alright folks here’s the list of new music for the week! Billy Talent Bouncing Souls D Generation Descendents Death Grips Game Ghoul Gary Hoey Modest Mouse Jake Owen Chris Robinson Brotherhood 3 Pill Morning Valient Thor Brian Wilson & Friends Zodiac You can find these new releases as well as […]

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The ADA Turns 26

“Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.” – Former President George H.W. Bush, July 26, 1990. With those works spoken, 26 years ago today, President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law. The ADA is by far the most comprehensive and far reaching civil […]

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(hed)P.E., Dragonforce, Keith Sweat & More Released Today!

Well, absolutely no concrete work has been on our portion of Main Street this week.  On Monday we were told that the concrete crew would be here on Tuesday, on Tuesday we were told that they’d be down here on Wednesday…after that we gave up asking.  Talk about feeling helpless […]

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Public Meeting for Old Ramstad Site Tonight

The City of Minot will be holding public meeting tonight to gather neighborhood input on a proposed public gathering space and park on the site of the former Ramstad middle school. The full news release and details follow below. Important Details: Time: 6:30 p.m. Place: SW Corner of Old Ramstad […]


Confederate Railroad, Dirty Heads, Good Charlotte, Snoop Dogg & More Released Today!

Good news!  We’re another week closer to the construction being finished on our block of Main Street!  Soon our customers and our neighbors customers will be allowed to use and park on the street! We also have a list of new releases today! Confederate Railroad Constant Deviants Dirty Heads G. Love […]

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Estevan Rain Event Poses no Flood Threat to Minot and Other Communities

Following a significant rain event in the upper portion of the Souris River basin on Sunday, the City of Minot issued the following news release to address concerns about a repeat of the 2011 flood. In short, the circumstances Sunday’s rain event are significantly different than 2011 and there is […]

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