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WATCH: Is sitting too much killing you?

The verdict is in, it’s the sitting more than anything else that is contributing to your poor health.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Sask Water Security Agency Urges Caution Near Rivers This Winter

The reason for the extra caution is the fact that more water is being released from reservoirs than usual… and this includes the Souris River. It’s not cause for alarm, but it is the second provincial agency to recently issue a press […]


It Looks Like Minot Really Does Pay Higher Gas Prices Than Everywhere Else

This is an informative first look, and it confirms a suspicion that here in Minot we tend to pay more for gas than our local neighbors. It’s a story The Minot Voice will be looking into in time, but you should start […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Senator Hoeven Continues Work to Advance UAV Mission in Grand Forks

Backing for the UAV mission at Grand Forks Air Force Base continues to gain ground, and Senator Hoeven has been working to secure flying permits from the FAA to continue research and advancement.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Three Killed in Highway 85 Accident

Highway 85 between Williston and Watford City struck again Sunday night.  It was less than a week ago that McKenzie County’s Emergency Manager called for a review of the stretch of highway in hopes that changes would save lives. It seems that […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Colorado River Delta

What? The River That Carved the Grand Canyon Doesn’t Reach the Ocean Anymore?

Chalk it up as one of those interesting and somewhat unbelievable facts, the Colorado river — the one that carved the Grand Canyon — no longer reaches the Sea of Cortez. Well, it didn’t until earlier this year when a pulse of […]

Six Finalists for Two Open Board of Higher Education Seats

Minot’s Terry Hjelmstad is stepping down after one term along with board member Grant Shaft. Governor Dalrymple will choose two nominees from the finalists who will then need to be approved by the State Senate.  The Board of Higher Education oversees the […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Coyote Population on the Rise

The ND Dept. of Agriculture estimates they take $1,000,000 worth livestock every year, and biologists say they are a resilient species… unaffected by man’s encroachment. The good news, there are hunters who want to help solve the problem.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

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