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Teaching: Community Experts rule to be signed by governor

The Governor is expected to sign a new administrative rule that allows community experts to fill vacant teaching positions.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


Watch: The Science of Six Degrees of Separation

We all know that when you’re from North Dakota, we’re about one degree of separation from everyone else in the state, but when you factor in the rest of the world, how closely connected are we? Well, it turns out pretty closely, and new data suggests that […]

Fargo Bike Share Service Breaks Daily Ridership Record

  A Fargo bike sharing program aimed largely at students is growing rapidly with over 65,000 rides in the first five months of the program.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

South Prairie Celebrates High School Addition

South of Minot there’s a new school open on the prairie and now attending for the first time in a long time — high school students. KMOT has the story that includes video of the new addition to South Prairie school.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


Police in North Dakota Can Now use Drones Armed with Tasers

North Dakota is now the first state in the country with a law on the books that allows police to equip drones with “less than lethal” weapons. Editorial Warning: this article is decidedly against the use of drones for this purpose and without more oversight.    

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Before You Watch a Tragic, Graphic News Video, Ask Who Wants You to See It, and Why

In today’s frenzied news and media culture, we each bear the responsibility of being conscientious news consumers. Until we are, we’ll continue to feed whatever disease is responsible for yesterday’s tragic events and the sensationalism that followed. Read the full commentary provided by Mr. Lichfield on […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky


National Media: North Dakota’s Oil Boom in the News

The latest national media piece on the oil boom presents a complicated picture of life in the North Dakota oil patch. It touches on the pioneering spirit, the problems that accompany growth, and a places of opportunity. It’s worth a read.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Bismarck: Legacy High School Opens Doors to Students

Bismarck’s third public high school welcomed students for the first time earlier this week. Get the story and a quick look inside in this video feature from KX News.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

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