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The MARC: Election Headquarters

We’re on a mission to make you a ridiculously well-informed voter and towards that end we’ve put everything related to the Minot Aquatics & Recreation Center together on a single page. Get news, opinion, election details and a lot more, right here.


The Welcome Presentation

There’s a lot going on here at The Minot Voice.com that we want you to know about. Check out this post for an easy, fun presentation that will bring you up to speed fast.

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As oil prices slide, North Dakota sees manufacturing in its future

As oil prices fall, the need to diversify the local economy becomes more apparent, and nowhere more so than Williston. And business leaders in the western part of the state are taking action. Full story from Ernest Scheyder writing for Reuters.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


The Local Kid: Catching Up With Dagny Knutson

The Local Kid will at some point become a regular series on the Minot Voice where we introduce you to local kids that have gone out and done remarkable things. In this opening piece you’ll get introduced to Dagny Knutson, we didn’t do the reporting, but […]

Fatal Accident in Minot

A 63-year-old Minot woman was killed in a traffic accident at Western Ave and West Burdick Expressway Thursday afternoon. Names have not been released; full details from KX News.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Paramount Sports Complex Proposed

A proposed sports complex with facilities similar to the Park District’s proposed MARC was announced this week on Facebook. The development is being proposed by JMJ enterprises. The Minot Voice will have more on this story next week.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Dakota County College to Offer Minnesota’s First Brewing Certificate

One Minnesota school is embracing the craft brewing movement and will begin offering formal training for those wishing to turn their passion for brewing into a profession.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Williston $500 Million Development Goes Back to Planning

It looks like the Williams County will be forced to act on a $500 million proposed development sooner than some members of the planning commission would have preferred. Full story from the Williston Herald.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

No Surprise: Bakken Region Fastest Growing in State… Again

It probably won’t shock anybody the cities and towns in the Bakken region continue to be the fastest-growing parts of the state. Locally, it looks like Ward County is close to overtaking Grand Forks county in total population.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

State Parks and Rec looking to assume control of Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

The Washburn based museum and interpretive center is struggling financially and the state is moving closer to rescuing it and adding under the state’s Parks and Recreation department. If you haven’t visited the center, it’s worth the drive.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

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