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MAGIC Fund Screening Committee Advances Cypress’s $2.5 Million Request

At this morning’s MAGIC Fund Screening Committee meeting, committee members unanimously supported appropriating another $2.5 million in MAGIC Fund spending to help get Minot’s embattled downtown parking garages completed. Speaking in support of the spending request were Pam Karpenko, President of the downtown business association, John […]


Area Voices: MADC Board Members Comment on Parking Garage Recommendation

Members of Minot Area Development Corporation’s Board of Directors and President Stephanie Hoffart share their thoughts on recommending more MAGIC Fund money to complete Minot’s downtown parking garages. Update & Correction: 9:15 a.m. At the time of original publishing, Mr. Olson’s comments were not included. Rather, […]


Minot Parking Garage Developer Tangled in Oregon Ponzi Scheme

Dominic O’Dierno, Asset Manager for Cypress Development, LLC and signatory to the MAGIC Fund application for an additional $2.5 million in funding for the City of Minot’s embattled downtown parking garages, is presently under sanctions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for his involvement in an Oregon-based Ponzi […]


The Divided States of America

Contentious relationships among various factions in the USA are not a new phenomenon. Disagreements over slavery, religion,  consumption of alcoholic beverages, how many wives one may have, taxes, labor relations, regulations, etc. go back from the 18thcentury to the 21st century. Present discord among various factions […]


Cypress Development Requests $2.5 Million from MAGIC Fund for Completion of Parking Garage

Cypress Development, the lead developer behind the embattled downtown parking garages has requested an additional $2.5 million dollars from the MAGIC Fund to complete the project. Here are the details from the agenda for next week’s MAGIC Fund screening committee meeting. View the full application here. And, […]


Mayor Barney Comments on Parking Garages in Quarterly Letter

The following was written by Mayor Chuck Barney. When I started writing these quarterly updates, I had the goal of covering as many topics as I could, but in this letter, I want to focus on one specific issue in the City of Minot; the Downtown […]

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It’s Back (Almost) — Victoria Bridge Lifted Into Place

The Victoria Bridge was lifted into place this morning. It will be some time before the paths and connecting areas are open to pedestrian traffic, but this is still a welcome sign of progress.


Editorial: Clear Communication in Minot Needs More Than Lip Service

Did you catch Jill Schramm’s article in the Minot Daily News on Minot’s Disaster Resilience Competition meeting? If not, it’s worth your time to read it and see the projects local leaders are recommending for Minot. The window to complete Minot’s Phase II application is short, […]

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