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Cost of Flood Protection on the Rise, Time Frame Also Extending

The cost of comprehensive flood protection for Minot looks like it will top $1 billion. The completion timeframe looks like it still many years away, but engineers continue with planning in spite of an uncertain funding package.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

City of Minot Finance Committee Recommends Hiring Attorney

The downtown parking garage fiasco looks like it will be in the hands of the lawyers. The City of Minot Finance Committee recommended hiring an attorney to handle the case for the City. The decision will now go to the full City […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky

KMOT Ag Expo Sticking to Recipe

The 44th annual KMOT Ag Show kicks off today at the State Fair Center here in Minot, and Todd Telin, the event manager, is sticking to the usual game plan. The show runs through Friday and is expected to attract 30,000-40,000 visitors.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Elevators Installing Fertilizer Capacity

Elevators across the northern plains are adding capacity for fertilizer in order meet the time sensitive demands of the growing season.  

summary by: Josh Wolsky


ND Highways: 2014 in Review

– Official News Release, ND Highway Patrol — Last year proved to be another busy year on North Dakota roadways. Troopers made 1,677 DUI arrests and 1,049 drug-related arrests. Lack of seat belt use continued to contribute to injuries and deaths. Fifty-five […]

School Resource Officer Pilot Program Floated

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would provide funding for school resource officers in rural districts. In Committee, testimony on the bill by education officials was favorable.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Minot Air Force Base Implementing New Training Program for Missile Squadron

July 2014 kicked off the reorganization and revamping of the training program for missileers in the 91st Missile Wing on Minot Air Force Base, N.D. The new training program centers around two key topics; procedural aspects and conceptual aspects. Procedural aspects entail […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky


TENORM Comment Period Extended

The public comment period for the proposed rule changes regarding the disposal of TENORM (low-level radioactive waste produced in oil exploration) has been extended. The period for public comment will remain open until March 2. More more details visit the ND Department of […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky

TENORM Comment Period Extended
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