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A Small Town Cultural Renaissance Through Craft Beer?

What you’re about to read is an argument for change. It’s an argument for changing an entrenched mindset. It’s an argument for changing an entrenched business model. And it’s an argument for changing some seriously entrenched laws. Most importantly, it’s an argument about beer. But before […]

voice: Protestant Brewing Co.


The Insults of Candidacy and Fortunes in a Moniker

I just can’t help myself. I’m hooked on watching Presidential “debates”. The devil in me really enjoys opponents being labeled with epithets such as “dumb”, “boring”, “stupid”, “sweaty” (my favorite), etc. Actually, these insults are pretty mild compared to John Quincy Adams having been called a […]


Cheers To: Four Tasty Years at Sweet & Flour Patisserie

This week’s ‘Cheers To’ is bittersweet to say the least. After four years of delighting local taste buds with French-inspired baked goods and more recently a full menu, Shanda Cool and Patrick Sheldon — owners of Sweet & Flour Patisserie, have made the difficult decision to […]

voice: Souris River Brewing


Idea for Minot: Imagine a Free Flowing Mouse River

It’s a fun morning when a great idea for Minot ends up in my inbox. Today is one of those days. This idea comes from the team at Ackerman Estvold Engineering, and it’s a solution to the problem of the dead loops and goal of making […]


Save the Valley: A Minot Flood Protection Game

In the spirit of starting the discussion on the City of Minot’s Phase II National Disaster Resiliency Competition application, here’s another idea that might make Minot a bit more disaster resilient. Part of being a flood resilient community is understanding the dynamic forces that funnel water […]

Is this obscure marker enough of a reminder?

Idea for Minot: Let Us Never Forget 2011

The City of Minot is close to wrapping up its Phase II National Disaster Resilience Competition application. The goal: show contest judges Minot has a solid action plan to make our community more resilient to the impacts of flooding. There will be public meetings and the […]


The Train Station Road is an Embarrassment for Minot

I do not live in Minot but, I work here. I try to keep up with everything that is going on in the Magic City but, I am by no means “in the know.” Having disclosed that, I am wondering if anyone has driven by the […]


#City Council Reform: Don’t Let Perfect Interfere with Good

Let’s cut right to the chase. I think the petition to reduce the number of alderman on the Minot City Council is a great idea. Over the course of my adult lifetime, I have lived in Fargo-Moorhead, Grand Forks and Bismarck, in addition to being a […]

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