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A proposed ordiance in front of Minot's City Council would clarify what consitutes a 'weapon'.

Proposed: Amended City Ordinance to Redefine ‘Weapon’

It’s illegal to discharge a weapon within the City of Minot, and a proposed ordinance will amend existing law to clarify the definition of ‘weapon’. Included in the new definition: bows and arrows and BB guns and Airsoft BB guns. Some question remains as to whether […]


Surge Funding: How We’re Spending It

Following the passage of the surge funding bill that includes $32 million for Minot, we reached out to City of Minot officials to see how that money is earmarked. Here’s the official news release on that topic and the continued reform of the formula for distributing […]

Canada-North Dakota Trade Corridor Will Need North Dakota Support

Saskatchewan is looking at four-laneing the highway between Regina and the border, but it will just create a bottle-neck here in North Dakota if we don’t follow suit. Canadian officials are hoping North Dakota officials get on board with the concept.  Details from the Estevan Mercury.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

North Dakota House Takes Lawyers, Auditors Away From The University System

If a recently passed House bill clears the Senate, lawyers and auditors for the State’s University system will no longer be hired and paid in-house, but rather by independent state agencies. Get the details and commentary from Rob Port and Say Anything Blog.com.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Southwest Water Authority has Some Top Notch Water

Water, water, everywhere and we always need to drink it. And in Dickinson and those serviced by the Southwest Water Authority they’re drinking some tasty water — fourth best in the world. Get an inside look at the process that delivers it from KMOT News.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Flood Foreast Favorable: ISRB Hosts Winter Meeting

The early-season flood forecast looks good along the Souris River, but officials warn that it’s a basin that can change quickly. And on the long-term operating plan and possible changes, it seems bureaucracy is now holding the process from moving forward.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Scientists Are Wrong All the Time, and That’s Fantastic

Scientific progress depends on failure. Research needs to fail, to be proven wrong many times before scientists are able to narrow down to the verifiable conclusions and develop an evidence-based hypothesis. More on the process and the rising status of bad results from Wired.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


Hazen Superintendent Appointed to SBHE

– Official News Release, Governor Dalrymple’s Office — Gov. Jack Dalrymple announced today the appointment of Michael Ness to the State Board of Higher Education. Ness has served 42 years in North Dakota public education and is retiring as superintendent of the Hazen Public School District […]

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