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Fargo: ‘Proof Artisan Distillery’ Breaking New Ground in Craft Spirits

Downtown Fargo is now home to one of North Dakota’s first craft distilleries. They’ll be making potato based vodka, gin, whiskey and eventually liqueurs.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Non-Academic Skills Are Key To Successful Life

  It turns out developing things like grit, a growth mindset, soft skills, emotional skills, and social skills as big a role in life success as academic learning, but those in education are struggling with how to define the concepts.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


Bismarck’s Legacy High Schoo Gets Sports Complex

Bismarck’s third public high school is nearing completion and part of the project includes a significant sports complex that will be used by all of the public schools and the community. The school is on schedule to open in August.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

More Money, Fewer Grasslands: Corn Ethanol’s Impact on Rural America

If you want evidence of how government policy and economic incentives affect behavior, you often need to look big picture and over many years. But in the case of ethanol and corn incentives, you only need to look as far as the former grasslands outside of Jamestown. […]

summary by: Josh Wolsky

A New Kind Of College Wins State Approval In Rhode Island

There’s a growing portion of the population who spent some time at college, but didn’t get the degree. In Rhode Island, a program called College Unbound has set out to bring these former students back into the fold and help them complete their degrees.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Williston Young Professionals Reorganizeing and Growing

The Williston Young Professionals group has gone through a slight reorganization in past months and they’re seeing their membership and impact grow. In Minot, we’ve got our own growing organization, and we’re excited to see them taking a bigger role on The Minot Voice as well.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


North Dakota Congressional Delegation United in Opposition to Waters of the U.S.

Senator Hoeven, Senator Heitkamp, and Congressman Cramer all issued statements in opposition to the EPA’s new Waters of the U.S. rule. The rule, which is intended to clarify what waters fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA through the Clean Water Act, is viewed locally as […]


Heitkamp Holds Meeting to Address State’s Infrastructure Issues

— Official News Release, Senator Heitkamp — Continuing the work through her Strong & Safe Communities Initiative, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp today joined local community leaders to discuss the importance of building and expanding roads and bridges across the state to improve safety and keep up […]

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