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Souris River Reservoirs Ready for Spring Melt

Though current signs from Mother Nature point to a less active flood season, the reservoirs above Minot are at their winter operating levels and ready to handle the spring melt. The first official flood forecast for 2015 will be released February 1st.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Blacktail Creek Pipe Was Not Inspected at Installation

The pipe that broke and spilled lots of brine (70,000 barrels) into Blacktail Creek and the Little Muddy River was installed last summer; it wasn’t inspected during the process.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Bakken On Display at Plains Art Museum

If you make it to Fargo in the near future and you have an interest in the oil boom, you should make a point to stop by the Plains Art Museum. Details from John Lamb of the Fargo Forum.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


Hess to Reduce Rig Count, But Continue Drilling in Bakken Core

Hess Corporation announced their capital and exploratory budget for 2015. The full news release is linked here, but some of the key points and excerpts that relate to the Bakken are included below. Here’s the overall message, Hess will be spending less in […]

If the Size of a Country was Relative to Its Population

Ever wonder what the world would look like if the land mass of a country was determined by the population? Neither had I, but it does make for an interesting perspective shift.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

How to Buy Happiness: The Purchases Most Likely to Bring You Joy

We all know the old saying, “You can’t buy happiness,”  isn’t entirely true. The best part of this article — it’s not wealth dependent — the good advice applies no matter how much you have.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

NDSU Releases Two-rowed Barley Variety

– Official News Release, NDSU Extension Services — ND Genesis seems adapted to all parts of North Dakota and adjacent areas of Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota. The North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station has released ND Genesis, a two-rowed barley line, according […]

BNSF to Continue Investing in North Dakota Infrastructure

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company announced more details about the major capital projects it plans to complete in 2015 to maintain and grow its rail network. The full news release is linked here. Below you’ll find improvements scheduled for our area. […]

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