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Survey: 2016 State of Minot – Part I

Take a few minutes to share your thoughts on the issues that are most important in Minot at the start of 2016.


Below Normal Runoff Expected from Souris Basin in Canada

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency issued their first flood forecast of the year this week. The prognosis: the Souris River basin in Canada seems likely to have below normal runoff in the spring of 2016. The forecast assumes average amounts of precipitation over the next three […]


Hoeven: Corps Chooses Minot for New Permanent Flood Protection Study

The Mouse River flood protection plan was chosen as a project worthy of an Army Corps of Engineers permanent flood protection study. The study is the first step in the Federal authorization process that may one day lead to more significant Federal funding. Senator Hoeven’s news […]

Fargo diversion construction gets Corps funding

Included in the 2017 Federal budget was $5 million for the Fargo flood diversion project and the authority for a Corps of Engineers new construction start on the project. The construction authorization follows a Corps study of the project that began in 2009.

summary by: Josh Wolsky


TED: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

There is much discussion about how to fix the problems we have in our country, but for Lawrence Lessig, there is one problem that trumps all the others — it’s how to correct the enormous influence the ultra-wealthy few have on the outcome of elections. The […]

Fargo Police Officer Shot, Will Not Survive

A Fargo police officer was shot during a standoff with a domestic violence suspect last night. The officer, 33-year old Jason Moszer, is not expected to survive. The suspect in the standoff has been shot and killed.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Grand Forks Officials Re-Imagining their Library

City and County officials gathered for a joint meeting this week. The topic: the future of the Grand Forks Library. And the concept for the building is much more 21st century than the old idea of a quiet place to keep books.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

Hotels in Minot Face Low Occupancy Rates with Oil Struggles

Through November, hotel occupancy rates in Minot were just above 50%. And since the peak of the boom in 2012, the average price of a room has dropped from $119 to $91. The situation has innkeepers looking for ways to attract visitors to Minot.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

John Andrist: Economics Too Is A Science Of The Possible

When economics and politics mix, the outcome is compromise. But Mr. Andrist would like to see a little more acknowledgment from one party on the importance of the forces move the markets.

summary by: Josh Wolsky

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